Notice for Catch Instagram Feed Gallery & Widget (Pro and Free) Users

Instagram brought some sudden changes to their API on 4th April 2018. Due to these sudden changes on Instagram, we’re very sorry to announce that some features of our Instagram plugin for WordPress – Catch Instagram Feed Gallery & Widget (Pro and Free) will no longer be available.

The changes made by Instagram came without any warning and it has affected all the Instagram plugins that were available in the WordPress Plugin Repository.

Instagram has removed the ability to display user feeds from other public Instagram accounts. You can only display the user feed of the account which is associated with your Access Token, but you will now not be able to display someone else feed using your own Access Token. Therefore, you will have to display your own Instagram account on your website.

Users will now no longer be able to display the “Liked” feeds—the feed of posts that your users has liked. The plugin can no longer display comments on posts in hashtag or location feeds. However, it is still possible to display comments on your own user feeds.

Additionally, you can no longer display the avatars of users in hashtag or location feeds.

We, the Catch Themes team are working on updating our Catch Instagram Feed Gallery & Widget Plugin (Pro and Free) to address the sudden changes brought by Instagram.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this sudden changelog.

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