Travelore Pro – Our New Multipurpose Travel Magazine WordPress Theme

Who doesn’t love traveling, right? Traveling to places and witnessing its beauty is something that every single human dream about. While we dream about places, travel magazines and websites help us know about those places. They include every possible detail about various places around the world. Not only that, you will find information on hotels, motels, spas, travel agencies, and other travel related stuff as well. The travel industry is one of the fastest growing business and that’s why the competition is high. If you’re in this industry, you need to keep your travel website updated and attractive for your visitors. When looking for travel destinations, the first thing people do is search for information online. Therefore, keep your travel website dynamic, eye-appealing, and informative. And to do just that, here we present you our new multipurpose travel magazine WordPress theme – Travelore Pro.

Travelore Pro – Multipurpose Travel Magazine Theme

Travelore Pro is a premium multipurpose travel magazine WordPress theme that comes with beautiful design and impressive functionality to please the most demanding users. The theme has plentiful relevant widgets and capabilities for anyone who wants to launch a stylish travel blog quickly. Travelore Pro makes a perfect fit as a travel blog website, a travel journal, a travel magazine website or any other sort of travel-related online project. Not only these but since it is a multipurpose theme, it fits for websites of any kind. A vast range of features has been power-packed into Travelore Pro, making it a perfect theme to go for.

Travelore Pro is perfect for travel blogs as its poignant layouts put your content front and center showcasing it to the world without distractions and with the utmost elegance through over a hundred different layout style combinations. It includes a wide range of crucial features like Ads Section, Best of the Week, Featured Two Columns, Featured Video, Header Highlights, Most Viewed, News Ticker, Portfolio, Promotion Headline, Scrolling, Service, Team, Testimonials, Top Reads, Trending, Two Columns, and many more. All of these features make it the best theme for travel blogs, magazines and they can also come in handy for websites of any kind.

Now, let’s have a detailed look at the major features in Travelore Pro, our new multipurpose travel magazine WordPress theme.

Major Features in Travelore Pro

Ads Section

When owning an online travel magazine, you might want to display various ads to your visitors. For that, we have added Ads Section in Travelore Pro. You will be provided with five Ads Sections. You can display the ads in Homepage, Entire Site, Archive Pages, Pages and Posts, and Pages or Posts Only. You can edit the position of this ads section via Sections Sorter option.

Best of the Week

You need to keep your travel magazine up-to-date. And one of the ways to do so is to showcase your best posts on Best of the Week section. In this section, you can feature your most impressive post, page, category, custom, or tag of the week. Put up a background image, add title, sub title, number of items to display, and more in 1 to 4 columns.

Featured Two Columns

Featured Two Columns – the name says it all! The section provides two columns for you to display your featured news and gossips. You can select the number of posts and the posts will be displayed in the section accordingly. Enter your headline and sub headline to make it more engaging and informative. In order to make it eye-appealing, we’ve added the border under the headline; of which you can select your custom color. Select your Featured Two Columns type from – Post, Page, Category, Custom, Tags and also choose to display Meta as well. You can find this feature via Customization > Theme Options > Featured Two Columns.

Featured Video

In the featured video section, you can add up to 20 featured videos and make your magazine more engaging. Select the layout type—1 to 4 columns, enable/disable lightbox option, title, title bottom border color, and archive content. Add the video URLs and enjoy displaying your most impressive travel videos.

Header Highlights

Travel magazines include a wide range of topics when it comes to traveling and observing. Header Highlights section allows you to showcase that information in an attractive manner. You can select the header highlights type from post, page, category, custom, or tags. You can add headline, sub headline, choose the number of items to be displayed, bottom border color, and show/hide content. You also have the option to enable/disable the slider option for your header highlights.

Most Viewed

On the Most Viewed section, you can display the posts, pages, categories, custom, or tags that are popular and mostly viewed by your audience. You can display the content in 1 to 4 columns with the main background image. Also, you can add title and sub title for your Most Viewed section.

News Ticker

A magazine, be it travel or any other, is usually expected to highlight the latest news and happenings. Therefore, Travelore Pro brings you the News Ticker feature. It takes care of your travel magazine’s needs to highlight the latest news in a clear and compact way. Display the latest news in a compact yet clear way with the news ticker just below the menu, or wherever you like (with the Sections Sorter feature); right where it is immediately noticeable. Moreover, make it even more interesting with the various transition effects included.


Travelore Pro is a multipurpose theme and it empowers you with the portfolio option as well. The portfolio allows you to showcase your professional skills and accomplishments to the world at large. With our new multipurpose travel magazine WordPress theme, display your Portfolio in an elegant manner on the Homepage/Frontpage, the entire site or you can also disable it completely if you don’t need it. You can also choose your Portfolio layout up to 4 columns, add a headline, sub headline, choose the number of items, and more. Portfolio—an amazing way to easily display your experience, skills, talent, and expertise.

Promotion Headline

Travelore Pro provides the promotion headline feature which will help you grab your readers’ attention quickly. This feature allows you to promote anything you want from post, page, category, custom, or tags. You can also choose the content position as to where you want your promotion headline to be displayed. This feature is specially created to promote your articles or products that are more important at the time. Configure the feature through Customization > Theme Options > Promotion Headline.


As the name itself says “Scrolling”, the feature allows you to display the news and information in a way that is constantly changing; side by side scrolling—sliders alike. Choose to display the feature in the homepage or the entire site, select the layout, enter the title, sub title, headline bottom border, number of items to display up to 20, and more. Make your scrolling section more appealing with your custom headline bottom border.


Every website owner wants people to know about the services they provide. With Travelore Pro, you can now place the services you provide right on the spotlight. Choose to display the services in up to 4 columns. Display the services on the homepage only or on the entire website.


Our new multipurpose travel magazine WordPress themeTravelore Pro allows you to display your team members in an informative and elegant manner. You can showcase your members in 1 to 4 columns with Headline and Sub headline for the section. You can select your content type (post, page, category, tags, or custom) as well. Team – A great way to appreciate the efforts of your team members!


People are really after authenticity. They want to know what your goods or services are really like. This is where customer testimonials dive in to save you. Customer Testimonials genuinely assist in building trust with your customers. Travelore Pro allows you to display testimonials on the Homepage, the entire site or disable it completely. You can select your testimonial layout up to 4 columns and also the layout type.

Top Reads

There might be some information which a large number of the audience might enjoy reading. Those type of articles can be featured in the Top Reads section. Use your Top Reads section wisely; it can help you attract many new visitors. You can choose the Top Reads content type from Post, Page, Category, Tags, or Custom. There are also a number of other customization options available.


Trending section is quite similar to the Top Reads section. It allows you to display the content that is currently on “Trending”. The section is important to showcase the trending posts and information and equal your pace with all the latest happenings. Choose the trending type from the post, page, category, tags, or custom, add a title, sub title, choose the headline bottom border, select the number of items to be displayed, and more with our new multipurpose travel magazine WordPress theme.

Two Columns

The Two Columns section allows you to display the content (post, page, category, tags, or custom) in two different columns named as section one and two. You can choose the content type for both sections separately. There is a handful of customization option in Two Columns section. You can tweak it by visiting Customization > Theme Options > Two Columns.

Incredible Support

Our support team is well-informed and provide extensive support documentation. For a WordPress theme for a multipurpose travel magazine, our theme documentation answers most questions about using the theme. If you are still having difficulties, you can post in our “Support” forum, and a member of our team will get back to you shortly. You can also hire our theme customization for advanced customization of your theme.

WordPress Standard Codes

Our code is secure and optimized. We do proper data validation and sanitization and follow core theme guidelines. Our developers are active contributors to the WordPress theme review and WordPress core. Our themes will always be updated as things change in WordPress. Advanced SEO support has been integrated into Travelore Pro —a multipurpose travel magazine WordPress theme. This allows managing page’s meta-data and heading tags. This is important because SEO optimized pages can help you and other viewers find your site easier on the web.

All in all, Travelore Pro is a creatively versatile and graphically stunning, competent and resourceful, intuitive and highly responsive premium multipurpose travel magazine theme. It provides a uniquely flexible framework for the rapid development of sophisticated websites across all sorts of industries and fields without having to write a single line of code yourself. Travelore Pro makes sure your visitors are well engaged and your website displays all the information needed.

Check out the live preview of Travelore Pro here. Also, we have crafted a free version of this theme in case you want to get the taste of Travelore Pro prior to buying the premium version. Click here to check out Travelore Free.

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