ScapeShot Pro 5.0 Released with a New Music Demo and Additional Features

Our Multipurpose WordPress theme, ScapeShot Pro brings new updates and is now ready for all music websites and blogs. ScapeShot Pro 5.0 is here with a brand new music demo and exciting new music-dedicated sections. Build your professional music website with a fresh new demo in just a few clicks!

ScapeShot Pro 5.0 Released with a New Music Demo and Additional Features main image

In this new v5.0 version, since we are focusing on the music sites, we have added Rock Music, a new color scheme for those who want to build a music website. Also, the update includes a brand new music demo, ScapeRock for all levels of music websites. Moreover, background image options have been added to different sections for more flexibility. Additionally, ScapeShot Pro 5.0 also includes a Sections Separator Background image option, especially for music websites.

Let’s now have a look at the new updates introduced in ScapeShot Pro 5.0.

ScapeShot Pro 5.0 Updates

ScapeRock– New Music Demo

ScapeRock Demo

With the release of ScapeShot Pro 5.0, there is now a brand new music demo available—ScapeRock. You can import the ScapeRock music demo if you want to build an elegant and bold music site for your music business and showcase your professional skills and projects to the world at large.

Rock Music Color Scheme

Rock Music Color Scheme in ScapeShot Pro 5.0

Rock Music, a new color scheme is now present in the Color Scheme feature under the Colors section. If you own a music website and want the bold and elegant colors on your site, the Rock Music color scheme is for you!

Sections Separator Background Image

Along with the body background under the Background Image section, you can now find a new feature. Sections Separator Background Image option has been added to the theme making it more interesting. You can now add a background image to separate sections on your site.

Background Image on Different Sections

In order to give more flexibility to users, ScapeShot Pro 5.0 has now added background image options on different already existing sections like Hero Content, Team, and Playlist.

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