OutWit – eCommerce WordPress Block Theme For Full Site Editing

Are you thinking of creating a website to sell your products online? Then, here is our recently released OutWit, which is a perfect fit for any online store. A PREMIUM ECOMMERCE WORDPRESS BLOCK THEME for Full Site Editing!

OutWit eCommerce WordPress Block Theme Main

Selling the products online have never been an easier job. But, with the selection of incredible eCommerce WordPress block themes that are available are really helpful. You can just pick up a theme of your choice, set it up and you are up. With the growing demand for online shopping, all types of businesses are moving towards an eCommerce platform. So, choosing the best eCommerce theme for your store is the perfect way to get your business off the ground.

OutWit – Premium eCommerce WordPress Block Theme

OutWit is a premium versatile eCommerce WordPress block theme that makes building an online store effortless than ever. The theme is perfect for all types of online businesses for displaying products and services online. It comes with tons of powerful features that manage all sorts of eCommerce websites. With the help of drag and drop interface, you can easily change every element of your website. The theme includes an attractive design that is built to boost your online store sales. And, there are many advanced options available that let you style your store the way you like.

OutWit eCommerce WordPress Block Theme Features

There are 30 block patterns, 25 Templates, and 12 Template Parts available in this theme. This theme is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, so build a fully functional online store with OutWit. Some of the block patterns are Best Seller, Featured Content, Footer With Four Columns, Header Media, Header Transparent With Search Cart, 404 Content, On Sale Products, Post Header, Product Sidebar, Promo Section, Review, Shop By Category, and many more. All the block patterns, Templates, and Template Parts are extremely fast loading, optimized for mobile, and highly customizable.

Buy OutWit today and reach out to your customers with ease.

Major Block Patterns in OutWit

Therefore, let’s have a look at some of the block patterns available in OutWit, our recent elegant Premium eCommerce WordPress Block Theme For Full Site Editing.

WooCommerce Patterns

OutWit is an eCommerce WordPress block theme. This theme includes WooCommerce patterns. In order to use these patterns, you need to install and activate WooCommerce Plugin. After that, you can add Featured Products easily in these patterns.

Here are four patterns that support WooCommerce Blocks. They are:

On Sale Products

OutWit - On Sale Products

Product Sidebar

OutWit - Product Sidebar

Shop By Category

OutWit - Shop By Category

Shop Header

OutWit - Shop Header

404 Header

OutWit eCommerce WordPress Block Theme 404 Header

The 404 page is essential on your site. When the server cannot find the requested resource, then this page is displayed. OutWit provides a 404 header block pattern that can be used to indicate when the resources are missing. Therefore, you can easily change your background image along with a 404 text message.

Archive Header

OutWit - Archive Header

This Archive Header pattern is used for your Archive pages. You can display the description of categories, tags, and custom taxonomies when viewing an archive. Also, you can change the background image, change the layout of the archive header, and many other customization options as well.

Best Seller

OutWit - Best Seller

In this block pattern, you can add the products that are popular and sold more often. You can place the items in 6 columns and 6 rows. Also, add the product image, title, price, rating, and add to cart button.

Featured Content

OutWit - Featured Content

This Featured Content block pattern lets you display your most impressive content in the section. Here, you can easily drag and drop the Featured Content pattern and customize the area. And, add your Title, Tagline, and Subtitle for the section. Apart from that you can also display your featured content in as many columns as you wish and customize color, border, styles, and more.

Footer With Four Columns

OutWit - Footer With Four Columns

This Footer with four columns pattern allows you to insert a section. In this pattern, there are four columns and you can use the columns to add useful links, Recent posts, and Get in touch. However, you can completely customize them according to your needs.

Header Media

OutWit eCommerce WordPress Block Theme - Header Media

The header plays a significant role on your website. As it is the first thing where your users see on your site. So, it should be attractive and engaging. With OutWit, you have the option to choose an image along with a header text to help you define the entire look of the header area of your website. Furthermore, you can resize the layout of Header Media as you like. There is also a button that lets your prompt visitors take action with a button-style link.

Header With Cart

OutWit - Header With Cart

In order to use this block pattern, first you need to install the WooCommerce plugin. The mini cart block displays a mini cart widget where you can easily edit the mini cart settings. It also includes a navigation block that allows you to place a menu of links on any page and helps your visitors navigate to other parts of your site.

Post Header

OutWit eCommerce WordPress Block Theme Post Header

In this post header block pattern, you can display the title of the post, page, or any other content. Also, you can easily add the image or video on the cover with the text overlay which is great for headers.


OutWit eCommerce WordPress Block Theme Review

This section displays the third-party statement that comments about your products. This way you can convince interested users that you are worth their trust. Here, you can edit the transition timeout, and select the type, tagline, description, title, and no. of items.

Search Header

OutWit - Search Header

The Search Header pattern allows you to insert a section on your site where you can display a search bar along with a background image. Thus, the pattern will be displayed on the top of the search page whenever a visitor tries to search for something on your site.

Available Templates In OutWit

Therefore, there are 27 templates available in this eCommerce WordPress Block Theme, OutWit. Furthermore, you can easily customize these templates if you like changing anything on a certain template.

OutWit eCommerce WordPress Block Theme Templates


  • 404: The template is displayed when the requested resource or content is missing and cannot be found.
  • Archive: The template is displayed for post categories, tags, and other archives.
  • Archive Product: You can display the archive product.
  • Blank: The blank template can be used for displaying the contents of a post or page.
  • Blog Page (No Sidebar Full Width): Therefore, you can display the blog page without sidebar in full width.
  • Blog Page (Sidebar on Left): Displays a blog page with a sidebar on the left side of the site.
  • Blog Page (Sidebar on Right): So, display a blog page with a sidebar on the right side of the site.
  • Front Page: So, you can display the homepage.
  • Home: Furthermore, you can display the site’s home page, or the Posts page when a static home page isn’t set.
  • Index: The template is used for displaying posts.
  • Page: The template displays a single page.
  • Product Search Results: Furthermore, you can display the product search results.
  • Search: The template displays search results.
  • Shop With Full Width: So, this template displays the shop with full-width.
  • Shop With No Sidebar: Likewise, it displays the shop with no sidebar.
  • Shop (Sidebar on Left): The template displays the sidebar on the left.
  • Shop (Sidebar on Right): Furthermore, it displays the shop with sidebar on the right.
  • Single: Displays a single post or attachment.
  • Single Page (No Sidebar Full Width): Displays a single page in a full-width layout without a sidebar.
  • Single Page (Sidebar on Left): So, display a single page with a sidebar on the left side of the site.
  • Single Page (Sidebar on Right): In addition, it displays a single page with a sidebar on the right side of the site.
  • Single Post (No Sidebar Full Width): Displays a single post in a full-width layout.
  • Single Post (Sidebar on Left): This also, displays a single post with a sidebar on the left side of the site.
  • Single Post (Sidebar on Right): However, display a single post with a sidebar on the right side of the site.
  • Single Product: The template displays a single product.
  • Products by Category: So, display the products by category.
  • Products by Tag: This template is used to display products by tag.

Available Template Parts In OutWit

Moreover, there are 12 template parts available in this eCommerce WordPress Block theme, OutWit.

OutWit eCommerce WordPress Block Theme Template Parts

  • All Products
  • Footer
  • Footer With Four Columns
  • Footer With Three Columns
  • Header
  • Header Transparent
  • Header Transparent With Search Cart
  • Header With Cart
  • Page Content
  • Post Content
  • Product Sidebar
  • Sidebar

Stylish eCommerce Demo In OutWit

OutWit eCommerce WordPress Block Theme Demo

In addition, this is our outstanding premium eCommerce WordPress Block Theme for full site editing. OutWit includes an stylish and elegant demo. This eCommerce theme demo comes with all the features that are available in the theme.


To conclude, OutWit is an elegant eCommerce WordPress Block Theme. The theme comes with all the necessary features for creating an outstanding online store. The theme is highly customizable and you can make them work the way you want. It is easy to use theme that offers unlimited customization options to edit your website. This theme is SEO and performance optimized for the best user experience and gives better results on search engines. And, it is a fully responsive and flexible theme that uses a powerful WooCommerce plugin to offer eCommerce facilities.

Buy OutWit today and sell products online easily.

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