Catch Themes is Now WordPress 4.8 Ready

As technology is getting advanced day by day, our eagerness to catch up to it is more than ever. We, at Catch themes, have a reputation of always being up-to-date with all the happenings. And today, we feel jovial to announce that Catch Themes is now WordPress 4.8 Ready.

Now that WordPress 4.8 is here with so many new features, it is very important to make sure that each and everything is up to the minute. We have been working on our themes and plugins for quite some time now. And we are very excited to let you all know that all of our themes (Free and Pro) are now ready to run on the newest version of WordPress—WordPress 4.8.

You can use our Catch Updater Plugin or use FTP to update your premium themes. To update your pro theme through FTP, you need to first download the latest version of your pro theme from your Catch Themes member My-Account, upzip the file, go to /wp-content/themes/ and upload your new copy of the pro theme that you want to update. You will have your premium theme updated after a while.

We have assured that there will not be any difficulties with our theme after upgrading to WordPress 4.8. You just have to make sure you run your theme through the latest update provided.

Identically, we have also updated our plugins to go with the newest version of WordPress.

Here at Catch Themes, we always put emphasis on something new and we could not be more proud to present to you our WordPress 4.8 ready themes and plugins.

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