Introducing Catch Starter Pro – Our New Base Theme for WordPress

Thinking about creating your own custom website? In order to build a custom website, one must dive into the core of WordPress as an open-source project. There are many ways to get yourself started on WordPress platform. And, one of the most popular ones is to use starter themes. There are multiple ways a starter theme can help you initiate your journey in WordPress with a solid foundation. For those who are not familiar with a WordPress starter theme — also known as a base theme—it is a blank theme that comes with minimal design and crucial features. Base themes allow developers to quickly start adding their own styles to craft a website of their choice. They make it easier for novice developers to learn how to develop themes, and they make it quicker for experienced developers to develop new themes and frameworks. So, if you’re looking forward to creating a custom website of your own, a WordPress base theme is a must for you. And realizing the importance of a base theme, we are very happily announcing the release of our Base Theme for WordPress — Catch Starter Pro.

Catch Starter Pro is a base theme for developers that will help you to craft your custom website quickly. As the name suggests, Catch Starter Pro is specially designed to provide developers (including the novice ones) who are passionate about self-developing a design for their website. The powerful features of Catch Starter Pro are perfect for bootstrapping WordPress sites for blogs, startups, and all-around business projects. The best part about Catch Starter Pro WordPress theme is that it caters to beginners as much as it does to professionals.

Our new base theme, Catch Starter Pro reduces all the unexpected challenges that developers face while in the process of theme development. Catch Starter Pro comes with an array of features—such as, color options, featured content, featured slider, font family options, hero content, header top options, portfolio, promotional headline, services, testimonials, WooCommerce integration, and many more—which are extremely crucial to create a strong online niche. The theme is extremely easy to customize and you will be able to focus on your content better. Now, having said that, let’s have a look at some of the major features in Catch Starter Pro, a new base theme for WordPress.

Major Features in Catch Starter Pro:

Color Options

Our new base theme for WordPress provides you the freedom to play with your favorite colors. You have the option to choose the Base Color Scheme as Default, Dark, Gray, Red, or Yellow. You can also choose your Background Color, Page Background Color, Secondary Background Color, Link Color, Button Text Color, Main and Secondary Text Color, and many more color options from the unlimited color palette.

Featured Content

Catch Starter Pro supports Featured Content. Use it to highlight your recent and trending posts with big, bold and impressive fonts. Featured content can be displayed in up to 4 columns and can be displayed just on the Home page or the entire site. Add Featured Content title and Archive Content to make them more interesting. Choose your featured content type and put your fabulous contents right in the spotlight.

Featured Slider

Everyone’s looking for ways to show their information on the limelight. Our new base theme for WordPress, Catch Starter Pro understands that and gives you the freedom to do just that. Place your most impressive posts, images or anything else you want to highlight in the featured slider. Not to forget, there are a number of customization options and transition effects to make your custom website more attractive and magnificent.

Font Family options

With our new base theme for developers, you can choose different types of stylish and engaging fonts for your Site Title, Tagline, Headline Tags, Content Title, Content Body, and Default. Choose the font that suits best for your website from the font family options and makes your custom website more conspicuous.

Hero Content

Catch Starter Pro allows you to display the best assets of your website of any kind with the Hero Content feature. The feature highlights the content, post, page, categories, and images you consider the most important in a way that is easily attention-grabbing. You can enable the hero content either on Homepage or the entire site. The easiest way to display your strengths – Hero Content.

Header Top Section

Header Top Section is a small section just above the header. Header Top Section allows you to add your email address, contact number, and address to display on your website. You can also take it as a shortcut section on your website to help your visitors know more about you and your work more quickly and efficiently. Also, you have to option to enable the search option and date in the header top section.


One of the excellent ways to showcase your experience and expertise in front of the world is to display your portfolios. And, our new starter theme helps you do just that with the Portfolio feature. You can display your portfolios up to 4 columns. Display your Portfolio on the Homepage/Frontpage, the entire site or disable it completely if you don’t need it. Your website, your way!

Promotional Headline

Catch Starter Pro, the new base theme for WordPress allows you to add a completely customizable Promotion Headline. You can choose the content type—post, page, category, or image—that you want your visitors to see or read at any cost. You can also choose the position where you want your promotional headline to be displayed.


If you’re trying to reach out to people, what can be better than showcasing your services to the world at large, right? So, in order to help you display your services, we’ve added the Services section in Catch Starter Pro, our new base theme for theme developers. You can display your services either on Homepage or the entire website up to four columns. Also, you can select your content type (post, page, image, categories or custom post type) as well.


Your new visitors are always looking for ways to know what your goods or services are really like. Customer testimonials genuinely assist in building trust. Catch Starter Pro allows you to display testimonials on Homepage, the entire site or disable it completely. You can display your testimonials in one or two columns. You can also add your headline, sub-headline, choose the number of items to display, and more with the Testimonials feature.

WooCommerce Ready

Doesn’t matter what website you have, the whim to sell stuff may come suddenly. Catch Starter Pro comes with the WooCommerce integration. It’s easier than ever to turn your website into an awesome online shopping portal.

Incredible Support

Our support team is well-informed and provide extensive support documentation. Our theme documentation answers most questions about using the theme. If you are still having difficulties, you can post in our “Support” forum, and a member of our team will get back to you shortly. You can also hire our theme customizer for advanced customization of your theme.

WordPress Standard Code

Our code is secure and optimized. We do proper data validation and sanitization and follow core theme guidelines. Our developers are active contributors to WordPress theme review and WordPress core. Our themes will always be updated as things change in WordPress. Advanced SEO support has been integrated into Catch Starter Pro — a WordPress starter theme. This allows managing page’s meta-data and heading tags. This is important because SEO optimized pages can help you and other viewers find your site easier on the web.

So, all in all, Catch Starter Pro is a great choice if you’re in search for a base theme to initiate your journey in WordPress. The theme comes with minimal design and all the crucial features needed to build a website of your desire. The compact and minimal code have made Catch Starter Pro lighter and simpler than ever. Also, the fully responsive layouts work perfectly on any screen size. With our new base theme for WordPress, you will have the freedom to create any website of your choice in just a few minutes.

So, why wait? Buy Catch Starter Pro and start your WordPress journey today!

Check out the live preview of Catch Starter Pro. We also have a free version of this theme that comes with many crucial features. Click here to check out Catch Starter.

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