Important Notice for Our Users! WordPress 5.0 “Bebo” Released, Ready for the Big Change?

WordPress 5.0 “Bebo” is out now! The new version has included Gutenberg as its default editor to bring some excitement to the editing experience. However, since this version includes several major changes, it is sure that thousands of themes and plugins are not compatible with the new editor and might bring issues to your website. So, we recommend that you do not run the update directly on your production site. Instead, consider setting up a test site to play around with the newest version first.

The Gutenberg Editor is vastly different from the current classic editor. It is all about the blocks. You will have to write, edit, and publish your blog posts through blocks available.

It is a completely new experience for those who’re used to the classic editor. Since WordPress 5.0 is not yet compatible with many themes and plugins, it is recommended that you install the Classic Editor Plugin from the WordPress Plugin Repo and use the old classic editor like before for at least a month or two.

The Classic Editor is supported until 2022 and now allows you to switch between Classic and Gutenberg on a per-user or per-post level, according to Matt.

Therefore, if you feel you’re not ready for the big change, just go for the Class Editor Plugin, take some time and slowly move towards the new block editor.

As said in our previous post, we are preparing for the big change and testing our products to make them Gutenberg-compatible. We apologize to say that our products are not yet fully compatible with the new editor. This is due to the frequent changes in the release date.

We will notice you as soon as all of our WordPress themes and plugins are Gutenberg-compatible.

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