New Features Added in Catch Wedding Pro

Catch Wedding Pro – A premium WordPress theme for weddings and all the related events just got better with new features!

We believe in making our customers happy and satisfied with our top-notch products. And to make our products top-notch and flexible, we tend to supplement essential features as much as we can. Today, we want to announce that our latest wedding WordPress theme, Catch Wedding Pro now comes with a bunch of new features in it. The additional features include Logo Slider, Portfolio, Service, Testimonials, Venue Options, Events Schedule, and Story.

Catch Wedding Pro is a premium, simple yet feature-rich, modern wedding WordPress theme that comes with responsive design and crucial wedding features. It is a unique and systematic WordPress theme for weddings that follows a simplistic and minimal design. The theme gives you the feel of elegance and the overall look will surely play along with your wedding plan. It is completely responsive and retina-ready that makes sure your website looks absolutely flawless. Optimized and targeted to create a clean and minimal wedding website, this theme also provides easy customizing options for you. It has been crafted specially for weddings, however, it fits perfectly for blogs, galleries, and portfolios as well.

With the new features added in Catch Wedding Pro, it is safe to say that the theme is a complete package for your wedding website.

Newly Added Features in Catch Wedding Pro

Logo Slider

Catch Wedding Pro has now added Logo Slider. It allows you to display your logos in a slideshow on your wedding website quickly and easily. You can showcase the logo slideshow either on the homepage or the entire website. You can choose the transition delay time and length for your logo slider. Also, you can choose your logo slider type—post, page, category, or custom.


Showcase your professional skills and accomplishments to the world at large with the Portfolio feature. There are several customization options in the Portfolio section in Catch Wedding Pro to showcase your expertise elegantly. You can choose up to 4 columns to showcase the best works on your front-page or entire website with our new wedding WordPress theme – Catch Wedding Pro. You also have the option to select Headline, Sub Headline, and Number of items to show on your website.


In order to help you display the services you provide, the feature – Service has been added to Catch Wedding Pro, our new wedding WordPress theme. You can display your services either on Homepage or the entire website up to 4 columns. Also, you can select your content type (post, page, category, custom, or custom post type) as well.


One of the newly added features in Catch Wedding Pro is Testimonials. You can use the theme not only for weddings but also for your blog, portfolio, and others. So, in that case, the feature, Testimonials will surely come in handy. The theme allows you to display customer testimonials either on the Homepage or the entire site. You can display your testimonials in one or two columns. Display what your customers have to say about you. Also, it really helps in building trust with your first-time visitors.

Venue Options

Venue Options empowers you with the option to display your wedding’s venue to your visitors. You can select the venue content type to be displayed—post, page, category or custom. Display your wedding or any other event’s venue either on the homepage or the entire website.

Events Schedule

There are different ceremonies and gatherings during a wedding. So, in order to let your guests know the timing of each ceremony, we’ve added Events Schedule section in this theme. You can display the schedule either on the homepage or the entire website, select the content type, edit the bottom button text, and more.


One of the many things that couples want to share in their wedding is how they met and how they officially got ready to tie the knot. So, keeping this in mind, we’ve provided the Story feature in Catch Wedding Pro. In this section, you can let your website visitors know how you and your better half decided, in simple words, flaunt your “story” in the Story section available in Catch Wedding Pro.

All of these new features added in Catch Wedding Pro are amazing and beneficial for your wedding website to make it look aesthetically pleasing.

So, buy Catch Wedding Pro today and announce your wedding in an aesthetic manner!



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