Fotografie Blocks Pro – WordPress Block Theme For Photographers

Are you searching for the best photography WordPress block theme to showcase your work? Then, here is our recently released Fotografie Blocks Pro, which is a perfect WordPress block theme for photographers and photography business. A PREMIUM PHOTOGRAPHY WORDPRESS BLOCK THEME for Full Site Editing!

Fotografie WordPress Block theme for Photographers

If you are a travel photographer, wedding photographer, nature photographer, sports photographer, adventure photographer, brand photographer, portfolio photographer or any other specialize genre who want to showcase your work in a website then WordPress block theme for photographers are the best option. As a photographer, you require a platform where you can showcase your talent and creativity to the world. For that you need a visually stunning theme to reflect your unique photography style and highlight your photos. With a good-looking photography website, you can create an online presence that helps in your professional credibility. So, here we have present our latest WordPress block theme for photographers, Fotografie Blocks Pro to make your job easier.

Fotografie Blocks Pro – WordPress Block Theme For Photographers

Fotografie Blocks Pro is a premium modern and creative WordPress block theme for photographers. It is ideal for professional or freelance photographers, travel journalists, graphic designers, amateur photographers, or photojournalists who want an online foothold for their work. This theme is the block version of our popular photography WordPress theme “Fotografie Pro”. And, this theme is perfect for building a gallery or portfolio website. With its amazing layouts, you can showcase your high-res photography beautifully. The theme comes with a dark and light color scheme which expands your presentation options. With its full site editing features, you can easily customize your site easily.

Fotografie Blocks Pro - Photography WordPress Block Theme Features

There are 45+ different block patterns, 21 Templates, and 12 Template Parts available in this theme. Some of the block patterns are 404 Header, Archive Header, Blog Header, Call to Action, Contact, Featured Content, Footer Four Columns, Header Media, Hero Content, How It Works, Logo, Portfolio, Post Header, Search Header, Shop Header, Stats, Testimonials, and many more. The theme offers many customizable options that let you showcase visual works in a captivating way. Its impressive navigational experience will keep the visitors coming back for more. This theme is fully responsive, user-friendly, and highly customizable WordPress block theme for photographers.

Buy Fotografie Blocks Pro today and take your photographs to the next level.

Major Block Patterns in Fotografie Blocks Pro – WordPress Block Theme For Photographers

404 Header

Fotografie Blocks Pro - 404 Header

The 404 page is essential pattern on your site. When the server cannot find the requested resource, then this page is displayed. Fotografie Blocks Pro provides a 404 header block pattern that can be used to indicate when the resources are missing. Therefore, you can easily change your background image along with a 404 text message.

Archive Header

Fotografie Blocks Pro - Archive Header

This WordPress block theme for photographers comes with Archive Header pattern that is used for your Archive pages. You can display the description of categories, tags, and custom taxonomies when viewing an archive. Also, you can change the background image, change the layout of the archive header, and many other customization options as well.

Blog Header

Fotografie Blocks Pro - Blog Header

The first thing people will notice when they land on your site is a header. In this blog header pattern, you can add an image or video with a text overlay. Also, you can display the header of the blog that you want.

Featured Content

Fotografie Blocks Pro - Photography WordPress Block Theme Featured Content

This Featured Content block pattern lets you display your most impressive content in the section. Here, you can easily drag and drop the Featured Content pattern and customize the area. And, add your Title, Tagline, and Subtitle for the section. Apart from that you can also display your featured content in as many columns as you wish and customize color, border, styles, and more.

Featured Slider

Fotografie Blocks Pro - Photography WordPress Block Theme Featured Slider

In this block pattern, you can add an image or video section with a text overlay that is great for headers. Also, you can display the slider on your website. First, you need to gather the blocks in a layout container and then select the layout that you prefer. Therefore, the text and background color of the heading and paragraph are changeable, so choose the color that you like. Likewise, you can change the dimensions and typography of the heading too.

Similarly, you can add the number of slides and the number of slides that you want to display on the viewport.

Footer Four Columns

Fotografie Blocks Pro - Footer Four Columns

This Footer four columns pattern allows you to insert a section. In this pattern, there are four columns and you can use the columns to add useful links, Recent posts, and support. However, you can completely customize them according to your needs.

Header Media

Fotografie Blocks Pro - Header Media

The header plays a significant role on your website. As it is the first thing where your users see on your site. Your needs to be attractive and engaging. With Fotografie Blocks Pro, you have the option to choose an image along with a header text to help you define the entire look of the header area of your website. Furthermore, you can resize the layout of Header Media as you like. There is also a button that lets your prompt visitors take action with a button-style link.

Hero Content

Fotografie Blocks Pro - Hero Content

The Hero Content block pattern allows you to display the best assets of your website to your audience in the most amazing way possible. So, you can set the media and words side by side for a richer layout.  Also, add the title, tagline, content, and button for the section. Similarly, display your best assets and customize them the way you want.

How It Works

Fotografie Blocks Pro - How It Works

The How It Works block pattern lets you guide the visitors through any process on your website. It comes with four columns where you can easily edit the image, heading, and paragraph. Also change the color, typography, and dimension the way you like.


Fotografie Blocks Pro - Portfolio

In the Portfolio section, you can display your experience and accomplishments to the world through images. You can add as many portfolio images as you wish in the Portfolio section.

Post Header

Fotografie Blocks Pro - Post Header

In this post header block pattern, you can display the title of the post, page, or any other content. Also, you can easily add the image or video on the cover with the text overlay which is great for headers.


Fotografie Blocks Pro - Services

In order to help you display the services you provide, the Services feature has been added to Fotografie Blocks Pro, our new responsive eCommerce WordPress block theme. You can display your services either on the Homepage or the entire website in up to 4 columns. Also, the Button Text are also editable.


Fotografie Blocks Pro - Stats

The Stats section allows you to display your strengths to your visitors in numbers. Your first-time visitors are likely to build trust in you and your online business only after knowing that you’re excellent at what you do, what you deliver and your services are top-notch. And, in order to showcase the achievements of your business, the Stats section serves you well. You can display your website statistics in up to 4 columns, add a title and tagline.


Fotografie Blocks Pro - Team

This section team lets you display the potential team members of your organization that you are proud of. This will help the visitors to know who they will be working with. You can edit the tagline, title, and description that you like.

Available Templates in Fotografie Blocks Pro – WordPress Block Theme For Photographers

Therefore, there are 21 templates available in this photography WordPress Block Theme, Fotografie Blocks Pro. Furthermore, you can easily customize these templates if you like changing anything on a certain template.

Fotografie Blocks Pro - Photography WordPress Block Theme Templates

  • 404: The template is displayed when the requested resource or content is missing and cannot be found.
  • Archive Product: You can display the archive product.
  • All Archives: This template displays any archive, including posts by a single author, category, tag, taxonomy, custom post type, and date.
  • Blank: The blank template can be used for displaying the contents of a post or page.
  • Blog Page (No Sidebar Full Width): Therefore, you can display the blog page without sidebar in full width.
  • Front Page: So, you can display the homepage.
  • Blog Home: Furthermore, you can display the latest posts as either the site homepage or as the “Posts page” as defined under reading settings. If it exists, the Front Page template overrides this template when posts are shown on the homepage.
  • Index: The template is used for displaying posts.
  • Pages: The template displays a single page.
  • Product Search Results: Furthermore, you can display the product search results.
  • Search Result: So, it display when the visitor performs a search on your website.
  • Single Page (No Sidebar Full Width): Displays a single page in a full-width layout without a sidebar.
  • Single Page (Sidebar on Left): So, display a single page with a sidebar on the left side of the site.
  • Single Page (Sidebar on Right): In addition, it displays a single page with a sidebar on the right side of the site.
  • Single Post (No Sidebar Full Width): Displays a single post in a full-width layout.
  • Single Post (Sidebar on Left): This also, displays a single post with a sidebar on the left side of the site.
  • Single Post (Sidebar on Right): However, display a single post with a sidebar on the right side of the site.
  • Single Product: The template displays a single product.
  • Single Posts: And, it displays single posts on your website unless a custom template has been applied to that post or a dedicated template
  • Products by Category: So, display the products by category.
  • Products by Tag: This template is used to display products by tag.

Available Template Parts In Fotografie Blocks Pro – WordPress Block Theme For Photographers

Fotografie Blocks Pro - Photography WordPress Block Theme Template Parts

  • All Products
  • Footer (With Four Columns)
  • Footer (With Three Columns)
  • Footer
  • Header Top
  • Header (With Header Top – Default)
  • Header
  • Page Content
  • Post Content
  • Sidebar Products
  • Sidebar
  • Mini Cart

Modern Photography Demo In Fotografie Blocks Pro – WordPress Block Theme For Photographers

Fotografie Blocks Pro - Photography WordPress Block Theme Demo

In addition, this is our outstanding WordPress block theme for photographers. Fotografie Blocks Pro includes an appealing and eye-catchy demo. This photography theme demo comes with all the features that are available in the theme.


To conclude, Fotografie Blocks Pro is our awesome WordPress block theme for photographers. This theme is a fully responsive block-based theme that will showcase your work in best possible light. It is elegant and functional theme that comes with wide range of customization options. The theme provides a smooth and engaging user-experience that will attract the visitors. It is a user-friendly theme that includes awesome layouts. So, showoff your work in a style and impress your visitors.

Buy Fotografie Blocks Pro today and build your ideal website.

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