Catch Shop Pro – An Influential Multipurpose eCommerce WordPress Theme

Are you in search of an influential multipurpose eCommerce WordPress theme that is jam-packed with amazing powerful features and functionalities? We present you, Catch Shop Pro! Our new Multipurpose eCommerce WordPress Theme with everything you need to promote and grow your business online!

Running an online business is not easy; you need to ensure everything is running smoothly and every product or service is exposed to your audience. Not only that, you need to make sure your website is fully responsive, easily accessible, and includes easy navigation as well. eCommerce business is all about exposing your products online and making sales out of them. Therefore, your products need to look absolutely flawless and precise to make a sale. In order to help you build the eCommerce site of your dream, we’re happy to introduce our latest Multipurpose eCommerce WordPress theme, Catch Shop Pro.

Catch Shop Pro – A Powerful Responsive Multipurpose eCommerce WordPress Theme

Catch Shop Pro is a Multipurpose eCommerce WordPress theme that comes with a pixel-perfect design and extensive functionality. The theme is ideal for webmasters looking to create modern and competent online shops. This premium theme is well-rounded and power-packed with awesome features and functionalities. Catch Shop Pro is dedicated to all types of eCommerce businesses and online stores. However, the versatility in this powerful eCommerce theme allows you to not only build an eCommerce site but also a site of any kind, be it business, blog, or magazine. The theme is fully responsive and your site will adapt to any screen size. And with the included demo content, your site is ready to go live as soon as you’re ready with your own content.

Our latest responsive eCommerce WordPress theme, Catch Shop Pro is highly customizable and includes an abundance of amazing sections for your online shop. For instance, Collection, Countdown, WooCommerce Featured Products, Featured Categories, Featured Video, Header Top, Header Right, WooCommerce New Arrivals, Sale Products, Stats, Skills, Why Choose Us, Sections Sorter, Special, Team, and more. All of the mentioned sections and a few more are fully customizable and you can use these sections to feature your most impressive products and posts.

With the available advanced features and functionalities, only the sky is the limit to customize your site and make it one of a kind. Catch Shop Pro comes with a pixel-perfect design and extensive functionality to create your own online store with a professional look and easy navigation.

Let’s now have a quick look at some of the main sections in Catch Shop Pro, a multipurpose eCommerce WordPress Theme.

Major Features in Catch Shop Pro


The Collection section allows you to display your collection of products or anything else you like. The collection section is dedicated to online stores mainly. It is considered a helpful section since this is where your customers will see what you have in store for them. Every product that you have can be displayed under its respective category in the Collection section. Select the content type from Category, Product Category, and Custom and display your collection in up to 4 columns.


When you own an excellent online store and want to impress your audience, you want to make things more interesting on your site. So, if there are any new launches, you can pump up the excitement in the audience with a simple Countdown. The feature allows you to set the ending date and provides a bunch of other customization options as well including a background image.

Featured Video

You must feature your latest and most popular videos for your visitors. So, Catch Shop Pro features a Featured Video section to do the job for you. Enable your featured video either on the homepage or the entire website. Give your featured video an attractive title, subtitle, and informative description. Also, you can enable the Lightbox option for your featured video.


Your visitors might search up for your galleries to observe your business closely. Display exciting and engaging galleries on your online store with the Gallery feature available in Catch Shop Pro. Simply install Catch Gallery to showcase the galleries; the plugin is absolutely free. With this simple free plugin installed and activated, you will get an array of gallery customization options.

Header Top Options

Enabling the Header Top Option will display a tiny but very impressive section on the very top of your site. You can highlight your most striking news in this section and also enable a quick countdown on the section. You can also add a button on the Header Top section. Moreover, you can even enable other features like the Search button and Display Date.

Header Right

On the Header Right section, you can enable several features to be displayed on the right side of your header. Features like My Account Icon, My Account Label, Search Icon, Cart Icon, Cart Items, and Cart Amount can be displayed.

WooCommerce Sections

Activating the WooCommerce plugin will give you a plentiful of extra features in Catch Shop Pro. It will also add a few handy sections to feature your products. For instance, WooCommerce Featured Products, WooCommerce New Arrivals, and WooCommerce Sale Products. All of these sections are fully customizable and you can display your featured products, new arrivals, and on-sale products effectively.

Promotion Headline

Catch Shop Pro provides the promotion headline feature which will help you grab your visitors’ attention quickly. This feature allows you to promote anything you want from post, page, category, or custom. You can also choose the content position as to where you want your promotion headline with the text alignment. This feature is there to promote your content or products that are more important at the time.


Skills section—the section where you can display what you’re exceptional at. You can display your skills in the Left and Right sections. You can add content subtitle, title, description, button, and button link on the Left section. And on the Right section, you can add your skills conveniently.  You can display your skills either on the Homepage or on the entire website.


Like the name, the section is quite special as well. You can add section tagline, title, description, content type, content position, text alignment, price, and more. You can display a post, page, category, or custom elegantly on the Special section.


The Stats section allows you to display your strengths to your visitors in numbers. Your first-time visitors are likely to build trust in you and your online business only after knowing that you’re excellent at what you do, what you deliver and your services are of top-notch. And, in order to showcase the achievements of your business, the Stats section serves you well. You can display your website statistics in up to 4 columns, add headlines and sub-headline. Choose the content type from Post, Page, Category, or Custom.

Why Choose us

The ‘Why Choose Us’ section is another great way to convince your visitors to trust your business. You can select the content type—post, page, category, or custom and display them in 1-4 columns. You can add your Headline, Tagline, choose the number of items to display, and more in this section. It is a very important section as this is where you need to give your visitors strong reasons as to why you’re the best and they should choose you.

One-Click eCommerce Demo in Catch Shop Pro

Catch Shop Pro comes with a ready-to-import, one-click eCommerce demo for online stores. Get your eCommerce site up and running in no time! The demo includes all the amazing features that are available in the Catch Shop Pro theme.

You can import the eCommerce Demo in Catch Shop Pro and apply it to your site with a single click. You can install and activate the  Catch Themes Demo Import plugin to import the demo.

All in all, Catch Shop Pro is a perfect choice if you want to build an online store with all the amazing sections and features. The theme is clean, elegant, and absolutely easy to use. If your site is easily accessible, looks elegant and clean, provides high-resolution images of the products, your online store will reach new heights and you will have amazing audience engagement as well. And our newly launched Multipurpose eCommerce WordPress theme does the job well. It is the ideal solution for all eCommerce businesses to promote and grow their online businesses.

Buy Catch Shop Pro today and build your unique online store with utter ease. We also have a free version of this theme that comes with fewer but crucial customization options. You can try the free theme first and experience the quality before upgrading!

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