How To Check For Plugin Conflicts With Our Themes

WordPress installation consists of WordPress Core and usually one or more plugins. However, some plugins conflict with one another. This can lead to some unwanted problems. Here’s a step-by-step method on how you can check for plugin conflicts. Or if it is the plugin that is creating problems.

Check for Plugin Conflicts

  1. Deactivate all plugins.
  2. Is the issue still there?
    If yes, read on.
    If no, the issue was caused by a plugin, move to step 4.
  3. Switch to an unaltered default WordPress theme like Twenty Sixteen. Does the issue remain?
    If yes, click here for advice.
    If no, click here to report.
  4. Activate the plugins you have one by one. Does the issue come back when you activate the plugins?
    If yes, the plugin you activated may be conflicting with each other.
    If no, repeat till all the plugins are active.
  5. Does the issue still remain?
    If yes, click here to report.
    If no, the problem is resolved.

Issue Remains with No Plugins and Default Theme

Unfortunately, we cannot help you in this matter. It may be a WordPress issue, a conflict with your specific setup or something related to your server or webhost. You could open a topic in the WordPress support forums to help point you in the right direction.

Issue When Only One Plugin is Active

You could try filing a bug report to the development team of the plugin.

Plugin or Theme Conflict

If you’re using a theme from Catch Themes, please let us know about the issue by writing to us through the support forum. As the issue is also with another plugin, we recommend you file a bug report with them, too. It’s your benefit if both teams are working on the issue.

Hope this article is helpful to you.