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Today, instead of leafing through an actual newspaper or magazine, people prefer reading gossips, information, or news on their handheld devices or their computer. And there are hundreds of online magazine and blog sites that offer such facilities. Having a website is just half the battle. It is important to keep your website at the forefront and up-to-the-minute. And the struggle for that is very real. To end your search for such a WordPress theme, we bring to you a beautifully crafted new WordPress theme for magazine and blog – NepalBuzz.

NepalBuzz is a responsive and intuitive WordPress magazine and blog theme with a powerful mobile-first design. Our online magazine, NepalBuzz, was the main inspiration behind the creation of this theme. This online publication covers a wide range of subjects, mostly of Nepal. Online magazines and blogs such as NepalBuzz require a website that is fresh-faced and user-friendly. The website should be able to catch visitor’s attention by the way it presents your content. Keeping all that in mind, we built a theme that would do just that and more: NepalBuzz. This WordPress theme for magazine and blog comes with some awesome design features that will bring more ease to your readers’ eyes. This theme provides the audience with an ultra-easy navigation and superior user experience. With features like multiple layout options, promotion headline, featured slider, breadcrumb options, font options, featured content and news ticker, NepalBuzz gives you plenty of customizing power to enhance and personalize your website. NepalBuzz has a responsive design and fits in big screen with high resolution. It can be expanded to 1600 pixels width. NepalBuzz is an excellent choice if you want a professional looking online magazine, without spending hours setting it up.

NepalBuzz is a trendy, attractive, and innovative WordPress theme for magazine and blog, but it can also be used for so many other kinds of websites. It comes integrated with WooCommerce which will help you turn your website into an awesome online shopping portal. Using its extensive color palette, along with some awesome design features and layout options, NepalBuzz will surely make your site stand out. To top it all, NepalBuzz is translation-ready.

Major Features of NepalBuzz (Pro)

Header Media Options

The header is indeed the very first thing every visitor sees on any website, so it is essential to choose and customize your header wisely. With NepalBuzz Pro, you have the option to choose an image or a video along with a header text to help you define the entire look of your website. It is recommended to insert an image as a fallback if you add a video. This will keep your visitors from being bored as your video loads. You can directly embed a video from YouTube or you can add your own. The supported format is .mp4 and the maximum upload size is 8 MB.

Layout Options

The default layout in NepalBuzz can be expanded up to three columns layout. Our layout option includes Single Page/Post Layout feature that allows you to change the layout of individual posts and/or pages. You can choose how you want to present your each post and page to your readers. With single page layout option, you can now easily manage your pages separately and give your site the perfect magazine look.

Widget Area

There are multiple widget areas. You can add widgets and extend the functionality of your website. NepalBuzz also provides advertisement widgets for you to place ads. With zero coding knowledge, you can just pick the widgets and drop them to the area of your choice. NepalBuzz has a total of 24 widgetized areas:

  1. Primary Sidebar
  2. Secondary Sidebar
  3. Before Footer
  4. Footer Area One
  5. Footer Area Two
  6. Footer Area Three
  7. Footer Area Four
  8. Header Bottom
  9. Before Content
  10. After Content
  11. Before Posts/Pages
  12. After Posts/Pages
  13. Featured Widget Content
  14. Promotion Headline Left
  15. Promotion Headline Right
  16. 404 Page Not Found Content
  17. WooCommerce Primary Sidebar
  18. Optional Homepage Sidebar
  19. Optional Archive Sidebar
  20. Optional Page Sidebar
  21. Optional Post Sidebar
  22. Optional Sidebar One
  23. Optional Sidebar Two
  24. Optional Sidebar Three

Color Options

NepalBuzz gives you the freedom to choose different colors from unlimited color options to customize different sections of your website.

Featured Slider

Featured Slider adds to the attraction of your website. You can display your most awesome posts or photographs with this feature. There are a number of customization options with various transition effects. Add that extra charm to your website with the featured slider option.

Featured Content

NepalBuzz supports Featured Content. It highlights your recent and popular posts on your website with big, bold and attractive fonts. Featured content can be displayed in 2 to 4 columns. It can be displayed on Homepage/Frontpage or the entire site. You can add your headline and sub-headline for featured content and enjoy displaying your popular posts.

News Ticker

News Ticker is a very handy feature as it displays a quick overview of your latest articles and news. It comes with a highly customizable option. You can choose to display the news ticker in just the Homepage/Frontpage, the entire site, or disable it completely. You also have the freedom to choose its position, type, and transition effects.

Promotion Headline

NepalBuzz provides the promotion headline feature which will help you grab your readers’ attention quickly. This feature adds a headline on your website in big, bold and appealing fonts. You can also add a promotion sub-headline, promotion headline button text, and appropriate promotion headline link. This feature is specially created to promote your articles or products that are more important at the time.

Complete Widget Package

NepalBuzz Pro has a complete widget package for magazines and blogs. We have added several new widgets that will enable you to create a fully functional, modern magazine and/or blog website.

The new widgets are:

CT: Tabbed Featured Posts: This widget is used to display tabbed featured posts with thumbnails. This widget is same as the Featured Posts but it will allow you to display posts in tabs.

CT: Image and Menu Widget: With this widget, you can add an image and a menu easily in your sidebar. It’ll go a long way when the branding of your website is concerned.

CT: Newsletter: This widget is used to display subscription form according to the service chosen.

CT: Advertisement Code: Online advertising in magazines and blogs has helped many businesses and individuals earn money online and it’s safe to say internet marketing isn’t going anywhere. With CT Advertisement Code widget, you can directly add code snippets provided by your ad service provider like Google AdSense.

 CT: Advertisement Image: Online advertising in magazines and blogs has helped many businesses and individuals earn money online and it’s safe to say internet marketing isn’t going anywhere. You can add affiliate links without any issues to your website using CT Advertisement Image.

CT: Social Icons: This widgets adds social links in desired widget area for branding social links.

Other Widgets:

  • CT: About
  • CT: Featured Embeds
  • CT: Featured Images
  • CT: Featured Pages
  • CT: Featured Posts
  • CT: Gallery Images
  • CT: Gallery Pages
  • CT: Gallery Posts
  • CT: Image and Menu Widget
  • CT: Instagram
  • CT: Tag Cloud

WordPress Standard Codes

Our code is secure and optimized. We do proper data validation and sanitization and follow core theme guidelines. Our developers are active contributors to WordPress theme review and WordPress core. Our themes will always be updated as things change in WordPress. Advanced SEO support has been integrated into NepalBuzz—WordPress theme for magazine and blog. This allows managing page’s meta-data and heading tags. This is important because SEO optimized pages can help you and other viewers find your site easier on the web.

Incredible Support

Our support team is well-informed and provide extensive support documentation. For a WordPress theme for magazine and blog, our theme documentation answers most questions about using the theme. If you are still having difficulties, you can post in our “Support” forum, and a member of our team will get back to you shortly. You can also hire our theme customization for advanced customization of your theme.

In conclusion, NepalBuzz is a power-packed, modern and responsive WordPress theme for magazine and blog. With NepalBuzz, you get access to an incredible collection of wonderful facilities for your readers. So, you’re looking for a complete package for your magazine and/or blog site, NepalBuzz is the perfect solution for you.


You can check out NepalBuzz Pro along with its live preview. We also have a free version of this theme. You can check it out by clicking here.

We are always open to constructive criticisms and suggestions. Feel free to drop us a line by filling up the form below.



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