Happy Vijaya Dashami 2077 from Catch Themes!

Happy Vijaya Dashami, Everyone! Dashain, the biggest festival in Nepal is here and we are jovial to celebrate it with our family and friends. It is the festival of happiness and a lot of blessings. On this merry occasion of Dashain, we, the Catch Themes family would like to wish everyone a safe, happy, and prosperous Vijaya Dashami 2077.

Vijaya Dashami is a fifteen-day-long national festival of Nepal and we celebrate it with great enthusiasm. During Dashain, we, Nepalis, take time to celebrate our culture and our relationships. Playing friendly matches of cards, getting new clothes to wear, tones of gifts, flying kites, and celebrating the holidays with relatives is the definition of Dashain for fun. So many memorable moments are created during this festive season. We, Nepalis, are family-oriented, peace, and fun-loving people. So, Dashain is that one time where we engage in all three of our interests.

Since this year, the global situation is not that noble due to COVID-19, Dashain would definitely not be like before. Many of us are home quarantined and are in isolation. Therefore, we would also like to suggest everyone follow safety measures while going out and celebrate this beautiful festival safe and sound.

On the occurrence of the Dashain festival, we’re offering a 25% Flat Discount on all our premium WordPress Themes and Plugins.

You can use our Dashami 2077 Coupon Code dashami25 at the checkout page. It is a two-week deal, starting from October 23 to November 6, 2020.

For Premium and Free WP Plugins, you can visit our Catch Plugins website and get this deal. It is a little gesture of gratitude from the Catch Themes family to all our valuable customers.

Catch Themes will be taking a week off starting October 23 to celebrate this festival of happiness.

Nevertheless, during this holiday time also, we will be providing SUPPORT, but not as promptly.

Once again, Happy Vijaya Dashami 2077, Everyone! Stay safe, stay healthy, and have fun! Cheers!

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  1. Hey, you might already know Vijaya Dashami also celebrate in India with the same spirit. I so much happy you’re giving us discount so we can start our online journey in a such great festival season…

    Love from India,

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