Exciting New Features Added in Chique Pro

Chique Pro – A premium WordPress theme for fashion blogs and all fashion-related businesses just got better with new features and more demos!

Happy and satisfied customers are what we seek with our top-notch products. And to make our products flexible and handy for them, we tend to pour in as many essential features as we can but without making them cluttered or complex. Today, we want to announce that our latest trendy fashion WordPress theme, Chique Pro now comes with an array of new features in it. The additional features include Promotional Headline, Pricing, Products, Testimonials, Logo Slider, Contact Info, Newsletter, Promotional Sale, Reservation, Skills, Floating and Header Shopping Carts. With these amazing new features, Chique Pro now can be considered as a multipurpose WordPress theme and can be used for all kinds of businesses.

Not only the new features, but we’re adding more live demos as well for your convenience. Since Chique Pro is stepping into becoming a brand new multipurpose WordPress theme that can fit for any business purpose. In addition to already-existing three demos (Free, Pro, and Dark), we are adding three new demos. The new demos include Photography, Corporate, and eCommerce. So, basically, there are now six demos you can choose from. If you don’t want to build your website from scratch, these demos are for you.

Chique Pro – A Trendy Multipurpose WordPress Theme for Fashion Sites

Chique Pro is a premium Responsive and Trendy Fashion WordPress Theme. It is ideal for fashion webmasters to expose their fashion business. The theme empowers you to craft professional, top-notch fashion sites in just a few minutes. The design work is beautiful and elegant with high-quality features integrated into it. It comes with features that are exceptional and engaging. Chique Pro is fully responsive and built with SEO in mind. As a result, your site will look amazing from all screen sizes and it will reach a wide range of audiences. Moreover, you can also launch your very own fashion store with the WooCommerce integration in Chique Pro.

With the new features added in Chique Pro, it is safe to say that the theme sure is a complete package for your fashion website. Or, you can use the theme for any other website kind.

Newly Added Features in Chique Pro

Promotional Headline

Chique Pro provides the promotion headline feature which will help you grab your readers’ attention quickly. This feature is specially created to promote your content that is more important at the time. It allows you to promote anything you want from post, page, category, or custom. You can also choose the content position as to where you want your promotion headline to be displayed.


Pricing is a crucial feature to have on your website if you’re trying to sell products through your website in various packages. Not only for you, but your visitors will also find the feature very handy since they would not have to confuse themselves trying to know the prices of certain packages. You can display the pricing in up to 4 columns, enter headline, sub-headline, select the number of items to display, and more in this section. Also, choose your content type from post, page, category, or custom.


Do you want to launch a fashion store of your own? Or maybe want to add a little shopping page on your fashion site? Then, Chique will now help you do just that with the help of WooCommerce. After activating the WooCommerce plugin, you will be able to display various products on your website. Build your own WooCommerce marketplace in no time and start shipping out your merchandise.

Logo Slider

Chique Pro has now added Logo Slider. It allows you to display your logos in a slideshow on your fashion website quickly and easily. You can showcase the logo slideshow from two different designs—Static Logo Images or Scrollable Logo Slider. Also, you can choose your logo slider type—post, page, category, or custom. There are many more customization options as well.

Contact Info

Chique Pro provides you the option to display your business information with the Contact Info section. You can display your contact information on the entire site or on the Homepage/Frontpage of your website. You can add a fitting title with a short description. The Contact Info option allows you to add your email address, contact number, and your address along with a map, and more to display on your website.


You can find the Newsletter option in the widget area. With the newsletter option, you can keep your visitors up-to-date on the latest activities of your fashion business.

Promotional Sale

You need to engage as many visitors as possible to reach the top if you’re in the fashion industry. And providing your products on sale sure is one of the effective ways to grab a visitor’s attention. Therefore, it is considered to be an important section to grow user engagement on your fashion blog. There’s a bunch of customization options to tweak. So, if you’ve got any products that you want to provide on sale for your audience, take full advantage of the Promotion Sale section and display them elegantly.


The Reservation option includes two choices –Reservation Info (Left Section) and Reservation Form (Right Section) that you can enable. You can enable the Reservation Information and Form either on the Homepage/Frontpage or on the entire website. On the Reservation Info option, it allows you to add your description title and sub-title, weekday/weekend titles along with a description, and your contact number. On the Reservation Form option, you can enter a form that you want your customers to fill up in order to reserve a seat.


In the fashion world, your skills are what make you unique and stand out among others. Let the whole world know about your skills and abilities through our Skills section in Chique Pro. You can display as many skills and abilities as you want on the Front page or the entire website. Also, you can display how good you are at certain skills via percentage option.

Header and Floating Shopping Carts

If you’ve decided that you want to build your own shopping marketplace, you need to provide your customers/visitors with easier access to buy stuff from you. The Header and Floating Shopping Carts will help you display the shopping carts right above the menu and on the top right of your site, respectively. Find the Shopping Carts option under Customize > Theme Options > WooCommerce Options.


One of the newly added features in Chique Pro is Testimonials. You can use the theme not only for fashion but also for your blog, portfolio, and others. So, in that case, the feature, Testimonials will surely come in handy. The theme allows you to display customer testimonials either on the Homepage or the entire site. You can display your testimonials in one or two columns. Display what your customers have to say about you. Also, it really helps in building trust with your first-time visitors.

So, finally, these were the new features and demos added in Chique Pro, the best trendy fashion WordPress theme for all fashion lovers. Even if your business is not related to fashion, you can still benefit from the theme. All of these new features added in Chique Pro are amazing and beneficial for your multipurpose website to make it look aesthetically pleasing and trendy.

Buy Chique Pro today and flex your fashion website in an aesthetic manner!

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