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A completely responsive WordPress theme created by Catch Themes, Catch Responsive is a perfect choice for any kind of website. The name suggests itself, Catch Responsive will display your website to be great no matter the device or screen sizes it is viewed from. The theme has easy customization options with which one can mold the website to reflect their personality. Each and every element in the theme has been carefully designed and configured so that the look and feel of your website is nothing less than perfect. The color options are almost endless, allowing you to create custom colors for almost any area in your website. With little to no knowledge of coding, you can have your website up and running in no time.

With the WordPress theme customizer built-in, you can customize anything included in the features – layout, styling, colors, fonts, featured content, promotion headline, featured slider, pagination, icons, menus, breadcrumb or widgets; you just think of it and it is modifiable. The freedom of customization that Catch Responsive provides is probably the reason why it has remained our highest grossing theme till-date. With 166,356 total downloads and over 10,000 active installs, the theme has maintained a spot as the best-seller in Catch Themes despite it being added to the WordPress Theme Directory on November 2015. The theme is Translation Ready and is currently translated into Swedish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Russian, Ukrainian and Polish languages.

Major Features of Catch Responsive (Pro):

Responsive Design


With Catch Responsive, you no longer have to worry about what your website will look like across screens and devices. The responsive design makes sure it will stay perfect whether the screen is a desktop or a mobile. Your website is displayed flawlessly and no viewer shall complain of it ever being a hassle to navigate through.

Site Identity


Customizable logos, taglines and site icons are here to help you stand out. You can add your own logos to make your website distinct from everyone else in the market.

Featured Content


The featured content feature of Catch Responsive allows you to highlight your most impressive posts with big, bold and attractive fonts. The featured content can have layout styles of 2, 3 or 4 columns and you can choose to display them on the homepage, frontpage or the entire site. You can highlight your posts, pages, categories, image or widgets as the featured content.

Featured Slider


The information provided on your website will justify their purpose with the featured sliders. The featured sliders help your posts, images and content become attention-grabbing. With 10 transition effects to choose from, your featured sliders make the experience of even viewing your website exciting and fun. Something everyone roots for.



Catch Responsive allows you to create as many menus as you need for your website. You can choose to place the menus in a total of four Menu locations: Primary Menu, Secondary Menu, Header Right Menu and Footer Menu. You can also choose to enable/disable the Primary Menu and the search box in Primary Menu. It is all up to you.

Header Image


In Catch Responsive, you are free to choose a custom header image for your website. You can choose to display a header image on the entire site, homepage or pages/posts. You even have the freedom choose the size of the image displayed according to your preferences.

Background Image


The background of your website is customizable, too. You can choose custom images, various placements, attachment and repeat preferences to make your website look just the way you want to.



Catch Responsive is fully widgetized so that your header, footer and sidebar areas are saved from the boredom. Decorate them with widgets of your choice, adding static/dynamic content to increase their function and aesthetics. There are a total of 14 widget areas supported:

  1. Primary Sidebar
  2. Footer Area 1
  3. Footer Area 2
  4. Footer Area 3
  5. Footer Area 4
  6. Header Right
  7. Featured Widget Content
  8. Promotion Headline Right
  9. Promotion Headline Left
  10. Optional Homepage Sidebar
  11. Optional Archive Sidebar
  12. Optional Sidebar 1
  13. Optional Sidebar 2
  14. Optional Sidebar 3

The supported custom widgets in the theme are:

  1. CT: Advertisement
  2. CT: Featured Post
  3. CT: Featured Page
  4. CT: Social Icons

Social Links


What’s a website without a good social media presence? There are a total of 27 different social links to choose from in Catch Responsive. Additionally, you can also add custom social links with the logos and URL should the link you want to feature is not on the list. Sharing your posts by viewers is easier and the publicity of your website as well.

Clean, Secure Code


Our code is secure and optimized. We do proper data validation and sanitization, and follow core theme guidelines. Our developers are active contributors to WordPress theme review and WordPress core. Our themes will always be updated as things change in WordPress. Advanced SEO support has also been integrated into Fabulous Fluid. This allows managing page’s meta-data and heading tags. This is important because SEO optimized pages can help you and other viewers find your site easier on the web.

Incredible Support


Our support team is well-informed and provide extensive support documentation. Our theme documentation answers most questions about using the theme. If you are still having difficulties, you can post in our “Support” forum, and a member of our team will get back to you shortly. You can also hire our theme customizer for advanced customization of your theme.

We provide two versions of Catch Responsive – Free and Pro. For your convenience, below is the comparison table of features for both the versions.

Theme Options / Customizer
Customize your site and get it up and running easily from "Theme Options" in your WordPress dashboard.Yesyes
Homepage Options
Have complete control over your home page, sidebars, posts and add widgets to spice it up.YesYes
Choose from different layouts for your website. Yes (3)Yes (5)
Full-Width Option: Choose a full width layout for your site.NoYes
One-Column Option: Choose a one-column, clean layout for your site.NoYes
Content Layout: Choose whether to display excerpts of your content, or the full content.NoYes
Optimized for both small and large screens, and also gives you the ability to set a Custom menu for mobile screens.YesYes
Custom Logo
Upload your own logo as the header, or hide this section altogether.YesYes
Site title & tagline
Choose to show or hide the site title and tagline by customizing “Site Identity”YesYes
Change the placement of your site title, either before, or after your logo image.NoYes
Change the favicon, or choose to disable it altogether.YesYes
Web Clip Icon
Upload a specific icon to represent your website elsewhere on the web.YesYes
Background Image
Upload a custom background image for your website.YesYes
Color Options
Choose from three color scheme options: (default, dark, and brown). Choose colors for the heading, text, and link colors in the main content areas as well as sidebar widgets.YesYes
Choose custom colors for the header and footer areas (background, title, text, menus and links)NoYes
Custom CSS : Add your own CSS to customize your site even further.YesYes
Custom Fonts
Sans Serif and Arial work together as the default fonts to make your content look beautiful.YesYes
In-built library of various regular and custom fonts. Choose custom fonts for all areas of your site. New fonts added regularly.NoYes
Search Text: Change the default text displayed in your search bar, or change what your search button says.YesYes
Content Options
Home Page
Categorize your posts, and have them show up in relevant pages under your home page.YesYes
Excerpts: Choose the length of your excerpts, and change the “More” tag to anything you want.YesYes
Scrolling : Option to disable default scrolling if you wantNoYes
Feed Redirect
Add your own news feed URL to your website. (Note: This feature may be removed in future updates because of changes to theme policies)NoYes
Footer Text
Delete the CatchThemes credit in your site’s footer.NoYes
Social Links
Create links to all your favorite social channels. Choose from 27 different social links.YesYes
Featured Post Slider
Highlight your best posts by selecting them to be featured in slider. Yes (1)Yes (4)
Additional Slider Settings
Show or hide sliders, change the number of slides displayed, enable background and transition effects, and customize your slider.YesYes
Photo Gallery Slider
Create a gallery of featured images, and put it up as a slider.NoYes
Translation-Ready (WPML) (free and pro)
Need your website in another language too? No problem. The theme comes with WPML integration, meaning your site can be translated into another language easily.NoYes
E-Commerce Ready (WooCommerce) (pro only)
Integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce so you can sell anything you want, right from your WordPress site.NoYes
Clean, Secure Code
Our code is secure and optimized. We do proper data validation and sanitization, and follow core theme guidelines. YesYes
Comprehensive and complete documentation, including how-tos, tips, and tricks to get you up and running with your theme.YesYes
Support Center
Professional and friendly support in our Support Forum in case you get stuck with setup or need help with a feature.YesYes
Hire a Customizer
If you need extensive customization, you will have the option to hire our customizer to make your site even more tailored.YesYes
Frequent Updates
As things change, we will offer updates to your theme. YesYes

In conclusion, Catch Responsive is your go-to theme no matter what your needs are. Ranging from corporate websites to personal blogs, Catch Responsive can be that best-friend your website so requires. The incredible customization options, clean and minimalist look, quality coding and our incredible support are what make it our best-selling theme till-date. If super-easy working interface, user-friendly design and high-customizability is your priority, Catch Responsive will be the oasis you’ve been looking for.

You can check out the free and pro versions along with their live previews.

We welcome your suggestions and criticisms with open arms. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below by filling the form.

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