Catch Foodmania Pro – Our New Restaurant WordPress Theme

Food Service Industries are the one with the highest level of competition. One of the efficient ways to attract more customers towards your restaurant is to have an attractive and engaging restaurant website. Since a lot of people check out the restaurant’s business before visiting the place personally, having a website is crucial. A beautiful and well-organized website can be a great opportunity to reach out to your target market. To create an elegant-looking website for your restaurant, you will have to find a perfect WordPress theme that provides you with amazing features for a striking website. Also, it is essential to choose a responsive and mobile-ready theme since most of the consumers visit a website through their handheld device. Knowing the importance of restaurant websites, we are very happy to announce the release of our new restaurant WordPress theme, Catch Foodmania Pro.

Catch Foodmania Pro – Restaurant WordPress Theme

Catch Foodmania Pro is a clean and simple restaurant WordPress theme that comes with incredible features and captivating design. It has been crafted with minimal design to put your food first. The theme is highly customizable and perfect to show off your cuisine on your website elegantly. Catch Foodmania Pro has a welcoming and engaging appearance with a visually appealing look and simple menu pages. Catch Foodmania Pro is completely responsive and your website looks perfect on all devices. Catch Foodmania Pro is a very sleek and attractive restaurant WordPress theme which is perfect to show off your cuisine on your website elegantly. Catch Foodmania Pro is a completely aesthetic and eye-appealing, carefully crafted restaurant WordPress theme that expects nothing but the highest quality and performance. Catch Foodmania Pro carries all the functionality you need to introduce your delicious menus, your engaging galleries of your meals or ingredients, and much more.

Catch Foodmania Pro has nearly all the features you will need to create and run a successful restaurant website. Our new Restaurant WordPress theme, Catch Foodmania Pro provides you with crucial features such as colors, featured content, featured slider, font family options, food menus, footer editor options, hero content, menu options, promotion headline, sections sorter, services, testimonials, incredible support, WordPress standard codes, WPML ready, and many more. You can create your very own stylish and delicious-looking website with Catch Foodmania Pro.

Major Features in Catch Foodmania Pro:

Sections Sorter

Sections Sorter allows you to organize various sections on your website by manually sorting them. You can now rearrange and put forward the section that you want your visitors to see first. Simply drag and drop the sections to your desired position and display them orderly. Also, another cool feature in this option is that you can not only rearrange the order but also can quickly edit those sections from Sections Sorter option if you want any changes.


Catch Foodmania Pro, our new restaurant WordPress theme gives your website a refreshed look and provides you with unlimited color options. You have the option to choose the Base Color Scheme as Default, Dark, Gray, or Red. You can also choose your Header Text Color, Background Color, Page Background Color, Secondary Background Color, Main and Secondary Text color, and more from the unlimited color palette. So, with Catch Foodmania Pro, you have the freedom to play with the colors you desire.

Featured Content

Catch Foodmania Pro supports Featured Content. It allows you to highlight your recent and popular posts on your website. Featured Content can be displayed in 1 to 4 columns. It can either be displayed on Homepage or the entire site. You can add your featured content headline, sub-headline, select the number of featured content type, select multiple categories, and enjoy displaying your popular food-related posts.

Featured slider

A restaurant blog must be attractive enough to grab the attention of your visitors. With the feature, featured slider included in Catch Foodmania Pro, you will be able to do just that. You can place your most impressive cuisine posts, photographs or anything else that you want your visitors to see with Featured Slider. A number of customization options and transition effects are also available to make your restaurant flaunt and everything that it has to offer. You also can select multiple categories and enjoy displaying your popular food-related posts.

Font Family Options

With our new restaurant WordPress theme, you can choose different types of stylish and engaging fonts for your different areas—Title, Tagline, Headline Tags, Content Title, Content Body, and Default—of your website. Choose the fonts that suit best for your restaurant from the font family options and make your restaurant more welcoming.

Food Menus

Catch Foodmania Pro provides you the freedom to display your food menu in an elegant way. You can display your food menu on the entire site or on the Homepage/Frontpage of your website. You can choose the Food Menu type, add your headline and sub-headline, button text, and more.

Footer Editor Options

Footer Editor Options enables you to edit the content of the footer easily. You can either add HTML,
plain text, or custom shortcodes which will be inserted into your theme automatically. You can use
shortcodes like [the-year], [site-link] and [privacy-policy-link] for the current year, site link and privacy
policy link respectively.

Hero Content

Catch Foodmania Pro allows you to display the best properties of your restaurant on your website with the Hero Content feature. The feature highlights the content, post, page, categories, and images you consider the most important in a way that is eye-catching. You can enable the hero content either on the Homepage or the entire site.

Menu Options

You can improve your website’s navigation with the 2 menu options—Classic and Modern—that is packed in Catch Foodmania Pro. Nowadays, most users prefer mobile menus even in their desktop computers and if you’re one of them, you can choose the ‘modern’ menu option. However, if you like the old-school style of menu, then simply switch your menu option to ‘Classic’.

Promotion Headline

Catch Foodmania Pro, the new restaurant WordPress theme allows you to add a customizable Promotion Headline. You can enable the Promotion Headline either on the Homepage or the entire site. You can choose the content type—post, page, category, or image—that you want your visitors to see.


In order to help you display your services, the feature – Service have been added to Catch Foodmania Pro, our new restaurant WordPress theme. You can display your services either on Homepage or the entire website. You have also select layout options –classic layout and special layout. In classic layout option, you can select your content type (post, page, image, categories or custom post type) up to 4 columns. And in special layout, you


One of the features of Catch Foodmania Pro – Testimonials allows you to display customer testimonials either on the Homepage or the entire site. You can add your headline, sub-headline, choose the number of items to display, and more with the Testimonials feature.

Incredible Support

Our support team is well-informed and provide extensive support documentation. For a responsive restaurant WordPress theme, our theme documentation answers most questions about using the theme. If you are still having difficulties, you can post in our “Support” forum, and a member of our team will get back to you shortly. You can also hire our theme customization for advanced customization of your theme.

WordPress Standard Codes

Our code is secure and optimized. We do proper data validation and sanitization and follow core theme guidelines. Our developers are active contributors to the WordPress theme review and WordPress core. Our themes will always be updated as things change in WordPress. Advanced SEO support has been integrated into Catch Foodmania Pro—WordPress theme for restaurants. This allows managing page’s meta-data and heading tags. This is important because SEO optimized pages can help you and other viewers find your site easier on the web.

WPML Ready

Catch Foodmania Pro is WPML ready, translating your theme into a language of your choice should be a breeze to work with. Translate your website for people who speak a different language so that they can read and select their choices.

To sum it up, Catch Foodmania Pro is a simple, attractive and modern restaurant WordPress theme for classy restaurants and bistros. The theme is extraordinarily stunning, aesthetic, and eye-appealing which is perfect to show off your cuisine on your website elegantly. The theme comes with minimal design and all the crucial features needed to build a restaurant website of your desire. Catch Foodmania Pro is a great choice if you want to create an elegant-looking website for your restaurant. So, if you’re in the hunt for a great WordPress theme for your website to show off your restaurant, then Catch Foodmania Pro is the perfect one to go for.

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