Spring Detox and Rejuvenation

Spring is the time for renewal and new life – is a natural time for us to achieve a deep and powerful cleanse. Spring represents new life, new birth , a renewal of the winter hibernation. Just as the earth wakes up with new birds, blossoms and daffodils, our bodies join this universal biorhythm and a detoxification at this time is really powerful and deep acting.

Most of us think of detox as fasting, starvation and suffering, however, I want to show you that a spring cleanse can be really fun, enjoyable and completely rejuvenating.

Studies show most Americans have somewhere between 400 and 800 chemicals stored in their bodies, typically in fat cells. Toxins are everywhere, in our water, air and in our food and while we can’t do anything about our genes, we are in complete control of our lifestyle and can make changes that will have a profound effect on our well being. We don’t realize that we’re being affected until we get a chronic disease after years of subtle and often consistent exposure to a combination of toxins.