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Massage & Bodywork

We offer a variety of wellness services to assist you on your journey. Our treatments are rooted in both tradition and science, integrating the ancient medicinal wisdom of the Orient with 21st century western scientific expertise.

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Massage & Bodywork

Yoga & Movement

We can’t wait for you to discover classes at Om Namo Center, a hidden gem in Cambridge yoga and movement. Each class at Om Namo Center reflects our safe, informed approach to holistic health. Classes are friendly and non-competitive; you’ll always leave feeling better. We encourage you to explore classes to find the ones that will best fit your goals. Welcome to our community!
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Yoga & Movement


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Personal Trainer emphasizes the health of the spine and joints, and focuses on defying gravity so we can stay upright for longer.

John Doe

Jane Doe has been teaching fitness for over 20 years. She works with therapists to offer clients holistic healing, including as a part of the Community Wellness Center team.

Jane Doe

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Jane Doe, Miami, Florida

I am loving doing yoga

Thanks very much to you and your wonderful crew of instructors, I am beginning a very exciting new volume of my life.

Jane Doe, Miami, Florida

John Doe, Mankato, Mississippi

Here, I love doing yoga

John Doe leads mindful, insightful yoga classes at Personal Trainer. He things running seamlessly.

John Doe, Mankato, Mississippi

It's Easy To Find Us

The Center is open 15 minutes prior to yoga & movement classes and by appointment. You can book appointments and class reservations online at any time. We love to answer your questions or assist with booking appointments anytime during regular business hours, Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM. Stop by or give us a call at (123) 456-7890.