Our Latest Addition: Catch Infinite Scroll Plugin

These days, having a decent online niche is a must thing to have, and it is really important to keep your visitors engaged on your website. And one of the effective tools to do so is the magic of infinite scrolling. There exist so many popular websites in which you reach at the end of one page and it automatically loads more content for you, like Facebook. Infinite scrolling also provides a better browsing experience to the visitors, and that is exactly why, it has become the latest trend. Infinite Scroll carries great benefits with it and the best thing about it is that it can be very beneficial in increasing the user engagement on your website. Also, most of the people are equipped with mobile and tablets today and infinite scrolling is the best feature for these devices. So, to facilitate you with all of these awesome features, we’re more than happy to bring you our latest infinite scrolling WordPress plugin—Catch Infinite Scroll.

The inspiration behind crafting Catch Infinite Scroll is Jetpack’s Infinite Scroll. Catch Infinite Scroll is a single solution to all those loading issues caused by the change of the page. With the plugin installed and activated, your users will be able to simply scroll down and go deeper into your website.

Catch Infinite Scroll is a WordPress plugin for infinite scrolling that loads other content as you scroll down the page. The plugin works out of the box for you. However, you will still have control over some of the crucial features available in the plugin, such as, choosing between Click or Scroll to load more content, add a custom image, the load more text, and finish text.

Features in Catch Infinite Scroll:


Catch Infinite Scroll, WordPress plugin for infinite scrolling is extremely lightweight. It means you will not have to worry about your website getting slower because of the plugin.

Choose your custom loading image:

You can add your own custom loading image with Catch Infinite Scroll. The image will show up when you scroll or click after reaching the bottom of the page.

Load More Text:

With our new Catch Infinite Scroll plugin, you have the freedom to choose your own Load More text. If you choose your Trigger on option as Click, then, the Load More button will show up and you will be able to add your custom text instead of ‘Load More’.

Finish Text:

Finish text is the text that will show up when there is no more content to be loaded. You can add you own custom text on the Finish Text option.

A smooth and uninterrupted reading experience for your visitors:

Of course, the main thing you expect from an infinite scrolling plugin is a smooth and uninterrupted reading experience for your visitors. And, Catch Infinite Scroll does just that for you. With the plugin activated, your visitors will be able to view more of your content without any distractions.

Supports all Themes on WordPress

Catch Infinite Scroll has been crafted in a way that supports all the themes on WordPress. The plugin functions smoothly on every WordPress theme. Therefore, you will not have to worry about the plugin not being compatible with your WordPress theme.

All in all, if you’re looking for a tool/plugin that will help increase the user engagement on your website, then, Catch Infinite Scroll should definitely make your pick. Display your contents online in a sequential way with our new infinite scrolling plugin—Catch Infinite Scroll, and that too, without affecting your wallet.

To learn more about and download Catch Infinite Scroll plugin, click here.

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