Essential Widgets Pro

  • EW: About
    The About page on your website is very crucial; as it is the page from which your visitors get to know who you really are. And that’s why it is important that you display your About information in the most remarkable way as much as possible. With our new WordPress widgets plugin, Essential Widget Pro, add your About Information prominently.
  • EW: Advertisement Codes
    Enter the advertisement code and display your advertisement by using the Advertisement Codes widget. You can add the title of your advertisement and you also get to choose the ad layout and number of items to be displayed. You also have the option to hide your ad on 404 page.
  • EW: Advertisement Images
    Images are probably the most effective tool when it comes to advertising something. Our new WordPress plugin for widgets supports Advertisement Images widget. With this widget option, you can display your advertisements via images without any difficulty. If you want to showcase more than one advertisement image, then the image slider will automatically display them in an elegant manner; you just have to upload the images you want to advertise.
  • EW: Archives
    The Archives widget comes with various customization options. Choose a title, limit the number of posts, select the archive type, post type, order and more with the Archives widget.
  • EW: Authors
    Displaying the author’s information is kind of a must-have feature if your website has multiple authors. Our new WordPress widgets plugin allows you to add Authors widget. With this widget, you can show the list of the authors on your website, the number of posts, select feed type, and more.
  • EW: Categories
    Essential Widgets Pro supports Categories widget. The widget provides you with various customizable options such as the title of the widget, taxonomy option, order option, number of categories to show, display as a list or none, number of posts to display, sort by option, select feed type ton display and display as text or image.
  • EW: Featured Embeds
    The Featured Embeds widget in Essential Widgets Pro allows you to add the featured embed codes to your website. Just add the title, select the layout option, choose how many items you want to display, add the codes, and you’ll be good to go with the featured embed codes.
  • EW: Featured Images
    With Essential Widgets Pro, display the featured image for any post or post wherever you want on your website in up to 4 columns. Choose the number of items to be displayed, image alignment and you will also have an individual customization option for every featured image.
  • EW: Featured Pages
    Want to showcase your best pages? We got you. Our new WordPress plugin for widgets allows you to display featured pages with thumbnails on your website with ease. Give your widget a title, enter the page ID (separate multiple page IDs by comma), select layout up to 4 columns, select the content type, and more with Featured Pages widget.
  • EW: Featured Posts
    Display your featured posts with Featured Posts widget in Essential Widgets Pro. You have the option to select the posts from all categories, select a specific category or select from IDs. Customize your featured posts your way and showcase them to the world on up to 4 columns.
  • EW: Gallery Images
    The Gallery Images widget provides you with a simple way to display a beautiful photo gallery or a slideshow on your website prominently. Just add images and customize each image your way with various customization given to you and make your website attractive and welcoming.
  • EW: Gallery Pages
    If you want to highlight some of your pages on your website in an elegant manner, the Gallery Pages widget will do just that for you. You can display your gallery pages up to 4 columns; just add the page IDs, select content type and you’d be good to go.
  • EW: Gallery Posts
    If there are some important posts on your website that you want people to see, showcase them in up to 4 columns with our Gallery Posts widget available in Essential Widgets Pro. You can select the posts from all the categories, or any specific category that you want, or even the post IDs would do. There are many other customization options available as well.
  • EW: Menus
    Bored with the same default menu? Our new WordPress plugin for widgets, Essential Widgets Pro supports Menus widget. With the Menus widget filled with various customization options, you can display your menus elegantly anywhere you want on your website.
  • EW: Newsletter
    Don’t miss the chance to turn your one-time visitors into regular readers! Add a newsletter widget and provide your website visitors an easy way to stay updated on your website. The Newsletter widget provides an easy, lightweight way to let your users to signup for your newsletter list. Configure it your way and make your website more engaging.
  • EW: Pages
    Display a list of pages with the Pages widget. With various customization options being provided to you, you can showcase the pages that are more important on your website wherever you want with Essential Widgets Pro.
  • EW: Posts
    Essential Widgets Pro supports Posts widget. With the widget and its customizable options, you can easily display a list of posts on your website. You can add a title, select the post type, number of items to display, order, sort by, and more.
  • EW: Tags
    And last, but definitely not the least, the Tags widget. You can display a list of tags as cloud or list, select the order of the tags, sort by option and the number of items to be displayed. The widget also provides you with more customization options including the unit, separator, search, text type, and more.