About Catch Evolution

Catch Evolution is a beautifully sleek creation of Catch Themes. It exudes a clean and a super sharp look. It comes with a whole set of interesting, rich features and flexible theme options. Built on HTML5, CSS3, it has a responsive design which lets the content automatically adapt to the screen’s size on different devices.

Catch Evolution looks striking in a bigger screen. While the rest of our themes till now were confined to 1000 pixels width limit, this one expands to 1190 pixels! In other words, the layout is wider, bigger and looks luxuriously spacious.

Launched on Catch Themes’ first anniversary, the theme is compiled keeping well in mind a year of feedback. It wouldn’t be off the mark to say that this theme comes with Catch Themes Team’s experience and better judgment.

Note: If you are familiar with Catch Box Pro, you will easily be able to access the back-end modules of Catch Evolution and be able comfortably use its features.

For more details check our Theme Instructions.