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Life’s short, eat dessert first

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John Doe

Weather is cold in Nepal, Kathmandu. Had a good lunch. Chicken burger was tasty. The pattie was grilled. Fries were one of the best I had at this area at Jamshikel Lalitpur.

Alica Keys

Wonderful dining experience. The food and service was great, not to mention the atmosphere felt like we were at a big family dinner. The food and service was great.

Elizabeth H. Shlala

This is a regular eating place to go. It has a nice atmosphere, staff are always attentive. Food is good and well priced. Best food in town. Highly recommended.

Aditya Magar

Overall the food was really good. The donuts are to die for. I haven’t found any place in Kathmandu that sells donuts as delicious as Workshop’s. The custard and nutella donuts are my favorite.

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