Catch Dark Mode Plugin

Catch Dark Mode Pro is a premium Dark Mode WordPress plugin that allows you to enable the dark mode option on your WordPress site for your visitors. Your website will look absolutely gorgeous with the dark and bold color scheme enabled by Catch Dark Mode. The plugin comes with a handful of crucial customization options to make your site extra aesthetic with the dark mode. Features such as different prebuilt ready-to-apply Schemes, Frontend Dark mode, Backend dark mode, floating switch, OS awareness, Switch Style Options, Switch Position, and more are available in Catch Dark Mode Pro. Moreover, you have the option to enable the dark mode on your site by default once you install and active the Catch Dark Mode Pro plugin. Also, the plugin adds a responsive floating dark mode button on your site that allows your users, according to their preference, to click and enable a dark mode version of your site.

With all the amazing quick features included, Catch Dark Mode Pro is the ultimate answer if you want to revamp your site with an aesthetic dark version and provide an eye-pleasing user experience. Activate the dark mode for your site with Catch Dark Mode Pro!

Now that we are aware of what Catch Dark Mode Pro is all about, let’s have a quick look at all the
available features in the plugin.

Major Features in Catch Dark Mode Pro

Supports Color Schemes for Themes with Color Schemes Support

Catch Dark Mode Pro comes with Different Color Schemes for themes with Colors Schemes Support. The plugin fully supports the color schemes available in the theme you’ve applied. Pick your favorite color scheme and match it with the dark mode option.

Different Prebuilt Color Schemes

In case your theme does not support color schemes, you still get ten different inbuilt color schemes with the Catch Dark Mode Pro plugin. This feature is for those who are using themes without any color scheme support. Pick your favorite color scheme that matches with your site theme.

Floating Switch

A floating switch is available that allows your users to click and activate the dark mode in just a single click whenever they wish. With this switch, you provide your users an option to switch to dark mode according to their preference.

Switch Style

You can customize how your dark mode switch looks. You can either display the Text, or Icon, or both on the main switch button. Whatever suits your site the best!

Switch Position

There are four switch positions available with Catch Dark Mode Pro – Bottom Left, Bottom Right, Top Left, and Top Right. Place the switch wherever you feel comfortable!

OS Awareness

You have the option to automatically enable the dark mode if your OS supports dark mode. After enabling the OS Awareness, if your users are using dark mode on their OS, your site will automatically change to dark mode.

Auto Schedule

Another great feature in Catch Dark Mode Pro is Auto Schedule. You can add the starting time and ending time to activate dark mode on your site.