Verity Pro Theme Change Log

Verity Pro – Portfolio and Blog WordPress Theme is a minimalistic modern theme for bloggers and creative professionals, who are looking for a simple-yet-stylish online presence. We have sacrificed over-the-top design elements so that your website looks sleek and straightforward, allowing visitors to concentrate on the content you are offering and the value they can get from it. It comes with necessary tools and features, like Featured Content and displaying multiple portfolios, to empower webmasters of any skill level to create quality websites in a short amount of time, without having to write a line of code at any point. It is built using the latest HTML and CSS codes which ensure top-notch web security. This theme is translation ready.

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This theme is translation ready.

Version 2.0 [Updated 2019-01-28]

  1. Added: Theme support for block styles
  2. Added: Theme support for editor styles
  3. Added: Theme support for full and wide align images
  4. Added: Theme support for responsive embeds
  5. Added: Theme support for custom editor font sizes
  6. Added: Theme support for custom color scheme
  7. Added: Editor Style
  8. Added: Libre Baskerville font as per request by Alan Peto
  9. Bug Fixed: Added function_exists check for get_the_privacy_policy_link function usage
  10. Replaced: class_exists( ‘woocommerce’ ) with class_exists( ‘WooCommerce’ ) as WooCommerce update caused issues
  11. Updated: Label changed from Image type to Custom
  12. Updated: Content delivered through the_content filter
  13. Updated: Readme file as per the new requirement
  14. Updated: Added no-sidebar class by default

Version 1.8.1 [Updated 2018-04-23]

  1. Bug Fixed: Design issue with Catch Infinite Scroll plugin
  2. Bug Fixed: CT:Instagram widget image size issue
  3. Update: CT: Instagram Widget updated due to changes in

Version 1.8 [Updated 2018-03-06]

  1. Bug Fixed: Front Recent Posts title not changing on static front Page
  2. Bug Fixed: Discarded use of ‘create_function’
  3. Bug Fixed: Undefined index issue in content-hero.php
  4. Bug Fixed: Left Sidebar and Right Sidebar layout padding
  5. Code Optimization
  6. Enhanced Security: Replaced wp_filter_post_kses with wp_kses_post
  7. Updated: Static front page recent posts now have Category filter

Version 1.7.3 [Updated 2018-01-25]

  1. Bug Fixed: Creating default object warning
  2. Bug Fixed: Escaping issues

Version 1.7.2 [Updated 2018-01-13]

  1. Bug Fixed: CT: Instagram Widget thumbnail and small image sizes issue

Version 1.7.1 [Updated 2018-01-04]

  1. Bug Fixed: Portfolio layout issue in chrome browser
  2. Bug Fixed: Search box issue in iOS devices

Version 1.7 [Updated 2017-11-22]

  1. Bug Fixed: Disable Homepage/Frontpage content disabling blog page content
  2. Updated: JS compression

Version 1.6 [Updated 2017-11-08]

  1. Bug Fixed: Featured Image Content article class
  2. Bug Fixed: Homepage/Frontpage options on Static Page
  3. Bug Fixed: Site Branding HTML structure
  4. Bug Fixed: Undefined variable in sidebar type generation

Version 1.5 [Updated 2017-10-03]

  1. Bug Fixed: Option to enable recent posts on Static Frontpage

Version 1.4 [Updated 2017-09-21]

  1. Added: Option to change latest post title (Recent Posts) in frontpage
  2. Bug Fixed: Frontpage layout
  3. Bug Fixed: Featured Image Slider UI bug fixed, Display content not shown on Image Slider
  4. Bug fixed: Breadcrumb notice when there is no posts in custom post types

Version 1.3.4 [Updated 2017-09-07]

  1. Bug Fixed: Removed post meta from search

Version 1.3.3 [Updated 2017-08-25]

  1. Bug Fixed: Social menu padding issue
  2. Bug Fixed: Layout issue in Fluid Layout with sidebar

Version 1.3.2 [Updated 2017-07-25]

  1. Bug Fixed: Fitvid script not initialized

Version 1.3.1 [Updated 2017-07-14]

  1. Bug fixed: Jetpack Testimonial support

Version 1.3 [Updated 2017-07-11]

  1. Added: Feature to show/hide recent post on static frontpage
  2. Bug Fixed: Breadcrumb custom post archive link (Reported by: leikela)
  3. Bug Fixed: Latest post not showing on blog page (Reported by: leikela)
  4. Bug Fixed: Social Menu not showing with Default menu type
  5. Bug Fixed: Footer widget columns css
  6. Bug Fixed: Static front page not taking page templates
  7. Bug Fixed: Padding issue in mobile devices for “No Sidebar:Full Width” template
  8. Changed: Excerpt Length Default value to 30
  9. Code Optimizations
  10. Removed changelog.txt, moved changelog to readme file

Version 1.2 [Updated 2017-06-08]

  1. Added: Option to disable Recent Posts/Content on homepage
  2. Bug Fixed: Page Templates now take content-single for posts and content-page for pages
  3. Bug Fixed: Comment Options fixed for homepage/frontpage
  4. Bug fixed: Featured Content Image post_class() issue
  5. Bug Fixed: Header Media Height issue when there is no text (Reported by: Dan)
  6. Bug Fixed: Content width
  7. Compatible with WordPress 4.8

Version 1.1.1 [Updated 2017-05-03]

  1. Added script to copy options from free version when switching from it to pro
  2. Alphabetized theme options
  3. Bug Fixed: Featured Content Issue when disabled
  4. Bug Fixed: Posts page style

Version 1.1 [Updated 2017-05-02]

  1. Optimized JS delivery by adding min versions
  2. Added Theme Options
    • Feed Redirect
    • Comment Options
    • Excerpt Options: Read More Text and Excerpt Length
    • Homepage/Frontpage options
    • Pagination Options
    • Font Family Options
    • Hero Content: Added Post, Category and Image content
  3. Added Featured Slider
  4. Added Featured Content: Added Post, Page, Category and Image content
  5. Added Widgets
    • CT: About
    • CT: Advertisement Code
    • CT: Advertisement Image
    • CT: Featured Embed
    • CT: Featured Image
    • CT: Featured Page
    • CT: Featured Posts
    • CT: Gallery Image
    • CT: Gallery Page
    • CT: Gallery Posts
    • CT: Instagram
    • CT: Newsletter
    • CT: Social Icons
    • CT: Tag Cloud

Version 1.0 [Updated 2017-04-10]

  1. Initial Release