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Studio WordPress Theme
Studio is a Responsive, clean and modern WordPress Theme that works for any type of site. It comes with few dozen customization to personalize the look and feel. Enjoy the layout that scales perfectly on all mobile devices. This theme is translation ready. Check out Theme Instructions at, Support at and Demo at

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Studio theme is translation ready.

Change Log

Version 2.0.1 [Updated 2018-08-01]

  1. Added: Core Privacy Policy link support in footer
  2. Bug Fixed: Design issue with Catch Infinite Scroll plugin
  3. Updated: Upgrade to pro button css update

Version 2.0 [Updated 2017-09-18]

  1. Major Update: Enhanced HTML structure
  2. Please change settings in customizer to clear your transient cache
  3. Code Optimization

Version 1.3.1 [Updated 2017-04-28]

  1. Added: Option to Display all Categories in Customizer
  2. Added: Blog description in customizer
  3. Bug Fixed: Displaying title and tagline not working(not hiding) ( Reported by: jbtola )
  4. Code Optimization

Version 1.3 [Updated 2016-12-07]

  1. Bug Fixed: Reset Options in customizer updated
  2. Updated: Upgrade Button in customizer with respect to trt decision
  3. Updated: Custom CSS to Additional CSS( Core Support ) for WP version 4.7
  4. Code Optimization

Version 1.2.1 [Updated 2016-08-09]

  1. Bug Fixed: Removed all white space issue
  2. Bug Fixed: Customizer Custom CSS issue
  3. Updated: All instances of changed to
  4. Updated: Theme Tags in style.css

Version 1.2 [Updated 2016-05-10]

  1. Added: Custom Header Support

Version 1.1 [Updated 2016-04-11]

  1. Added Logo Options
  2. Added Archive Content Layout
  3. Added Image Size: studio-single-sidebar
  4. Added structure.php file and hooks in header.php file
  5. Added Attribution for Typicons
  6. Bug Fixed: Some Dropdown Types not updating in Customizer
  7. Bug Fixed: Header height issue in old mobile browser
  8. Changed responsive menu close icon
  9. Removed unnecessary code in extras.php
  10. Optimized default image
  11. Updated Jetpack Scroll Pagination Option to enable infinite scroll in Reading Settings
  12. Updated Logo to Custom Logo( Core Support ) for WP version 4.5

Version 1.0 [Updated 2015-08-23]

  1. Added Theme Options
    1. Comment Options
    2. Custom CSS
    3. Excerpt Options
    4. Homepage/Frontpage Options
    5. Layout Options
    6. Pagination Options
    7. Search Options
  2. Bug Fixed: Footer widgets layout issue in mobile devices ( Reported by Amanda )
  3. Bug Fixed: Header height issues
  4. Bug Fixed: Changed esc_attr_e to echo esc_attr in searchform.php
  5. Changed Post Thumbnail Size
  6. Compatible with WordPress 4.3
  7. Removed support for WordPress version less than 4.1

Version 0.3 [Updated 2015-08-05]

  1. Bug Fixed: Menu issue when there is admin bar
  2. Bug Fixed: Site title alignment in Safari ( Reported by Fuzzy )

Version 0.2

  1. Bug Fixed: studio-helpers wp_localize_script issue
  2. Bug Fixed: Default background image location
  3. Updates: Footer info
  4. Updated: Theme Description and tags

Version 0.1

  1. Submitted to