Simple Persona Change Log

Simple Persona – A Free Personal Blog WordPress theme for professionals is simple, clean and user-friendly. It is specially designed for professionals to create their own personal websites and blogs. The theme has a responsive layout and beautiful design to make your personal blog look warm and welcoming. The theme provides your visitors an easy access to any area that they want to explore on your website. The free theme also has powerful theme customization options as well. Simple Persona comes with some basic features — portfolio, featured content, featured slider, events, testimonials, and more—that are extremely crucial for your personal website/blog to stand out among others. The theme gives the perfect online niche that is dynamic, multi-functional, and upfront. Therefore, Simple Persona is the perfect pick to let the world know about you. This theme is translation ready as well.

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Simple Persona theme is translation ready.

Version 2.0.2 [Updated 2019-01-30]

  1. Bug Fixed: Spacing in end of infinite scroll
  2. Bug Fixed: Spacing issue in section

Version 2.0.1 [Updated 2019-01-24]

  1. Updated: Blocks css
  2. Updated: Blocks editor styles

Version 2.0 [Updated 2018-12-19]

  1. Added: Theme support for for editor styles
  2. Added: Theme support for block styles
  3. Added: Theme support for full and wide align images
  4. Added: Theme support for responsive embeds
  5. Added: Theme support for custom editor font sizes
  6. Added: Theme support for custom color scheme
  7. Added: Theme support for for editor styles
  8. Updated: Author info design
  9. Updated: Testimonial design
  10. Updated: Responsive design
  11. Updated: Design for calendar widget, RSS widget & Recent Posts widget
  12. Updated: Editor Styles
  13. Updated: Optimized css for portfolio section
  14. Updated: Metabox UI
  15. Updated: Readme file as per new requirement

Version 1.0.2 [Updated 2018-10-25]

  1. Bug Fixed: Testimonial Typo corrected
  2. Updated: Screenshot

Version 1.0.1 [Updated 2018-08-01]

  1. Bug Fixed: Header Featured Image issue in Blog Page
  2. Updated: Upgrade to pro button css
  3. Updated: Content delivered through the_content filter

Version 1.0 [Updated 2018-07-05]

  1. Added: Header Image Support for Testimonials, Portfolio, Services and Featured Content via Essential Content Types
  2. Added: Core Privacy Policy link support in footer

Version 0.4 [Updated 2018-05-04]

  1. Bug Fixed: Text Domain in style.css file (Reported by: kevinhaig)

Version 0.3 [Updated 2018-03-18]

  1. Bug Fixed: Design issue with Catch Infinite Scroll plugin

Version 0.2 [Updated 2018-02-08]

  1. Bug Fixed: Inner page header image issue
  2. Bug Fixed: Added missing header image thumbnail for preview in customizer
  3. Big Fixed: Header Image Issue
  4. Changed: Default Portfolio Number

Version 0.1 [Updated 2018-02-08]

  1. Initial theme submission to