Lucida Pro Theme Change Log

Lucida Pro, the WordPress Theme for Magazine and Blogs represents simplicity and clarity. Lucida is completely responsive and minimalistic, all you need for magazine and blog websites. It is clean, super user-friendly and built using the HTML5 and CSS3 codes, it is so stress-free to maneuver around that your clients will be fully satisfied with your website’s utility. Take control of everything in your site, from placements to font colors. Its vast range of features make it adept to be used in almost any site. With Lucida, create an individual online presence and build your clientele. Lucida takes care of everything. This theme is translation ready.

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Version 1.5 [Updated 2019-04-18]

  1. Added: Support for wp_body_open action
  2. Added: Core Privacy Policy link support in footer
  3. Bug Fixed: CT:Instagram widget image size issue
  4. Bug Fixed: Undefined variable $length
  5. Replaced class_exists( ‘woocommerce’ ) with class_exists( ‘WooCommerce’ ) as WooCommerce update caused issues
  6. Updated: Section Contents now take some html data
  7. Updated: Migration Script from free to pro
  8. Updated: Label changed from Image type to Custom
  9. Updated Content delivered through the_content filter
  10. Updated: Metabox UI
  11. Updated: Readme file as per new requirement

Version 1.4.7 [Updated 2018-04-17]

  1. Updated: CT: Instagram Widget updated due to changes in
  2. Bug Fixed: Design issue with Catch Infinite Scroll plugin

Version 1.4.6 [Updated 2018-01-13]

  1. Bug Fixed: CT: Instagram Widget thumbnail and small image sizes issue
  2. Updated: JS compression

Version 1.4.5 [Updated 2017-07-10]

  1. Bug Fixed: Metabox not taking Header Image Values
  2. Bug Fixed: Header Highlight Content Image not refreshing when changing Post Image, caused by transients
  3. Removed: changelog.txt file and added changelog in readme.txt file

Version 1.4.4 [Updated 2017-06-08]

  1. Bug Fixed: Default values for typography and footer content
  2. Bug Fixed: support-translation.php prefixes
  3. Bug Fixed: social icon styles
  4. Bug Fixed: Footer widget area and Before footer widget area layout
  5. Compatible with WordPress 4.8

Version 1.4.3 [Updated 2017-04-27]

  1. Bug fixed: Promotion Headline – $headline displayed instead of $sub_headline

Version 1.4.2 [Updated 2017-04-26]

  1. Added: WooCommerce Product Lightbox, Zoom and Slider Options
  2. Bug Fixed: Output Sanitization Issues
  3. Bug Fixed: Translation Issues
  4. Bug Fixed: excerpt_length and excerpt_more hooks now do not affect admin side
  5. Bug Fixed: Removed use of create_function for inititalizing widgets
  6. Bug Fixed: Prefixed localized objects
  7. Bug Fixed: Replaced wp_reset_query() with wp_reset_postdata() when used with WP_Query Class
  8. Compressed: Images
  9. Enhanced: Style for blockquote, q and alignment
  10. Removed: Unnecesary images
  11. Updated: File Structures and functions for supporting translation plugins

Version 1.4.1 [Updated 2017-03-27]

  1. Bug Fixed: Added qtrans_convertURL() function_exists check
  2. Bug Fixed: CT: Featured Images widget layout issue
  3. Bug Fixed: CT: Gallery Images widget layout issue
  4. Bug Fixed: CT: Featured Pages and CT: Featured Posts issue in footer widget area
  5. Internationalized footer date
  6. Code Optimization

Version 1.4 [Updated 2017-01-06]

  1. Added: Option to Display all Categories in Customizer
  2. Added: Display content option in customizer featured slider
  3. Bug Fixed: Drop down toggle arrow issue in Primary and Secondary menus
  4. Bug Fixed: Entry meta color css issue
  5. Bug Fixed: Slider Meta data
  6. Bug Fixed: jquery offset error on hide date option
  7. Enhanced: HTML structure to remove multiple h1

Version 1.3 [Updated 2016-12-06]

  1. Updated: Custom CSS to Additional CSS( Core Support ) for WP version 4.7
  2. Code Optimization

Version 1.2.1 [Updated 2016-10-27]

  1. Bug Fixed: Layout issue in responsive design
  2. Bug Fixed: Secondary menu issue in responsive design
  3. Bug Fixed: Removed unnecessary widget areas

Version 1.2 [Updated 2016-10-05]

  1. Bug Fixed: Compressed production version scripts
  2. Bug Fixed: Whitespace issues error hampering xml files display
  3. Updated: HTML script loading from lucida_head() function and added it as wp_enqueue_script() in lucida_scripts() function
  4. Updated: Used the_archive_title() and the_archive_description() in archive.php
  5. Updated: Styles/Scripts handle standardized

Version 1.1 [Updated 2016-09-29]

  1. Removed: update_option for thumbnail image size and added new image sizes as lucida-small

Version 1.0 [Updated 2016-09-21]

  1. Initial release