Higher Education Change Log

Higher Education – WordPress theme for schools and academic institutions stays true to its name. Higher Education makes sure that your education website is simple, clean and user-friendly. The responsive layout and beautiful design make your website look welcoming. It shows off your institution as a fun and inviting. With dedicated separate sections to display your best features to your visitors, Higher Education truly has everything you need. Your education website gains healthy exposure and creates the best first impressions.

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Higher Education theme is translation ready.

Version 2.0.1 [Updated 2019-06-10]

  1. Added: Support for wp_body_open action
  2. Bug Fixed: Comment reply visibility issue

Version 2.0 [Updated 2019-01-24]

  1. Added: Theme support for block styles
  2. Added: Theme support for editor styles
  3. Added: Theme support for full and wide align images
  4. Added: Theme support for responsive embeds
  5. Added: Theme support for custom editor font sizes
  6. Added: Theme support for custom color scheme
  7. Bug Fixed: Testimonial Typo corrected
  8. Updated: CSS Optimized
  9. Updated: Metabox UI
  10. Updated: Readme file as per new requirement

Version 1.1 [Updated 2018-08-27]

  1. Added: Core Privacy Policy link support in footer
  2. Bug Fixed: Header media pause/play icon
  3. Updated: Upgrade to pro button css

Version 1.0 [Updated 2018-03-24]

  1. Bug Fixed: RTL styling issue
  2. Updated: Formatting style.css

Version 0.5 [Updated 2018-03-21]

  1. Bug Fixed: Escaping and translation issues
  2. Bug Fixed: Header social icons disabled if there are no social icons
  3. Bug Fixed: Reduced subject tags to three
  4. Bug Fixed: Function prefixing spelling mistakes
  5. Bug Fixed: Widget Title filter use
  6. Bug Fixed: Header Media image made visible even if there is no header text
  7. Bug Fixed: Design issue with Catch Infinite Scroll plugin
  8. Updated: Header Media text disabled by default

Version 0.4 [Updated 2018-02-09]

  1. Bug Fixed: jQuery-ui dependency issue in metabox tabs
  2. Bug Fixed: Escaped get_template_directory_uri()

Version 0.3 [Updated 2018-01-25]

  1. Bug Fixed: Search box issue in iOS devices

Version 0.2 [Updated 2017-11-24]

  1. Bug Fixed: breadcrumb margin
  2. Bug Fixed: Feature slider button space issue
  3. Bug Fixed: pagination button hover issue
  4. Bug Fixed: Pagination type buttons under mobile view
  5. Bug Fixed: removed round corners from custom social icon
  6. Bug Fixed: Secondary menu border
  7. Bug Fixed: Social-icons in footer widget
  8. Bug Fixed: Infinite scroll button alignment
  9. Enhancement: Added has-secondary-menu class in body if secondary menu is activated
  10. Enhancement: Header element styling in mobile device
  11. Updated: JS compression
  12. Updated: textdomain and theme directory to higher-education

Version 0.1 [Updated 2017-11-16]

  1. Initial release in http://catchthemes.com