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Decree is a simple yet power packed WordPress theme for lawyers. Unlike other WordPress themes, Decree may not look exquisite at the first glance but it is a completely need-based WordPress theme for lawyers. Decree comes with strong and bold design, advanced functionality and customization options. It’s packed with optimizations and features made especially to bring more clients to your page. The theme is very suitable to present your strong professional personality in a unique way. Decree is fully responsive, optimized and offers utilitarian features as Header Top Section where you can add or remove quick links, Header Right Sidebar where you can display your contact number, custom menu and widget areas and many more. Decree offers some cleverly arranged content blocks that will help you market your services better and it makes sure that no important information has been left out. Decree gives you the perfect online niche that is dynamic, multifunctional and upfront.

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Decree theme is translation ready.

Change Log

Version 2.0.2 [Updated 2019-02-26]

  1. Bug Fixed: Testimonial default image issue

Version 2.0.1 [Updated 2019-02-07]

  1. Bug Fixed: HTML validation for Testimonials
  2. Bug Fixed: HTML validation for section headings
  3. Bug Fixed: HTML validation for Footer Contact Form
  4. Bug Fixed: HTML validation for Consultation Form
  5. Removed: Unnecessary banner role for masthead
  6. Updated: article id for Team and Logo Slider demo

Version 2.0 [Updated 2019-01-22]

  1. Added: Theme support for block styles
  2. Added: Theme support for full and wide align images
  3. Added: Theme support for editor styles
  4. Added: Theme support for responsive embeds
  5. Added: Theme support for custom editor font sizes
  6. Added: Theme support for custom color scheme
  7. Bug Fixed: Updated Content delivered through the_content filter
  8. Bug fixed:Metabox featured image option disable issue fix
  9. Updated: Metabox UI
  10. Updated: Readme file as per new requirement

Version 1.0.7 [Updated 2018-09-10]

  1. Added: Core Privacy Policy link support in footer
  2. Updated: Upgrade to pro button css

Version 1.0.6 (Merged 1.0.5) [Updated 2018-05-10]

  1. Bug fixed: Portfolio section layout issue fixed

Version 1.0.4 [Updated 2018-04-17]

  1. Bug Fixed: Design issue with Catch Infinite Scroll plugin

Version 1.0.3 [Updated 2018-03-01]

  1. Bug Fixed: Footer Social Icon color issue
  2. Bug Fixed: Discarded use of `create_function`
  3. Bug Fixed: Homepage/Frontpage option when blog page is selected as static page
  4. Bug Fixed: CT: Instagram Widget thumbnail and small image sizes issue
  5. Bug Fixed: Search box not showing in mobile menu
  6. Bug Fixed: Search box issue in iOS devices
  7. Updated: Bundle images compression
  8. Updated: JS compression
  9. Updated: Code Optimization

Version 1.0.2 [Updated 2017-10-20]

  1. Bug Fixed: Missing Container div on Featured Page Slider (Reported By: margarida-verissimo)

Version 1.0.1 [Updated 2017-09-18]

  1. Bug Fixed: Featured Header Image metabox option

Version 1.0 [Updated 2017-09-11]

  1. Update: Theme description
  2. Update: Screenshot
  3. Update: Support forum URL in readme file
  4. Mark it as Stable version release

Version 0.4 [Updated 2017-08-01]

  1. Added proper tags in styles.css
  2. Bug Fixed: Sticky post label
  3. Bug Fixed: Escaped translated strings in searchform.php
  4. Bug Fixed: Escaped first image source
  5. Removed: Featured/Recent Posts Widget

Version 0.3 [Updated 2017-07-14]

  1. Bug Fixed: Undefined function in comments.php
  2. Bug Fixed: Breadcrumb custom post archive link
  3. Changed file header doc
  4. Code optimization
  5. Removed: changelog.txt file and added changelog in readme.txt file

Version 0.2 [Updated 2017-06-23]

  1. Removed demo featured sections
  2. Bug Fixed: Sanitization and escaping issues
  3. Updated: Readme file, removed unnecessary documentation

Version 0.1 [Updated 2017-06-12]

  1. Initial Release