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Clean Business is a clean, responsive and incredibly resourceful WordPress theme that can adapt to any business and corporate niche and provide users with an accessible interface. If your goal is to build a successful corporate website that is natively responsive, then look no further than Clean Business. This clean and minimalistic business and blog WordPress theme is deeply customizable with options through theme customizer. Any user can tailor his/her experience, and create a website that stays true to his/her vision. The responsive and cross-browser compatibility design of Clean Business allows your website to adapt to any device and web browser. This not only expands your target demographic, but it also allows you to update content while on the move. It is jam-packed with myriads of different features like featured content, featured sliders, promotion headlines, breadcrumb, pagination, navigation, custom widgets and header image options, each designed to enhance online business sites of any size. These features allow for a greater degree of flexibility and versatility. Finally, native CSS3 and HTML5 compatibility make Clean Business powered websites prepared for the future of the Internet, and ensure your business will look current and tech-savvy for years to come. This theme is translation ready.

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Clean Business theme is translation ready.

Change Log

Version 1.4.1 [Updated 2019-10-04]

  1. Bug Fixed: Navigation js issue

Version 1.4 [Updated 2019-10-04]

  1. Added: Support for wp_body_open action
  2. Bug Fixed: Menu issue when Header Image set to Excluding Homepage
  3. Bug Fixed: Keyboard navigation accessibility issue
  4. Updated: Metabox UI
  5. Updated: Readme File as per the new requirement

Version 1.3 [Updated 2018-10-25]

  1. Added: Core Privacy Policy link support in footer
  2. Bug Fixed: Updated Content delivered through the_content filter
  3. Updated: Upgrade to pro button css
  4. Updated: Content type label updated

Version 1.2 [Updated 2018-04-16]

  1. Bug Fixed: Design issue with Catch Infinite Scroll plugin
  2. Bug Fixed: Discarded use of ‘create_function’
  3. Code Optimization

Version 1.1.7 [Updated 2017-12-14]

  1. Bug Fixed: Header image excluding homepage

Version 1.1.6 [Updated 2017-09-22]

  1. Bug Fixed: Table responsive design (Reported by Debbie Dockray)
  2. Updated: JS compression

Version 1.1.5 [Updated 2017-09-22]

  1. Bug Fixed: Opaque background in header on mobile overlapping slider

Version 1.1.4 [Updated 2017-07-24]

  1. Bug Fixed: Breadcrumb custom post archive link
  2. Code optimization
  3. Removed: changelog.txt file and added changelog in readme.txt file

Version 1.1.3 [Updated 2017-06-12]

  1. Bug Fixed: Select options issue in customizer
  2. Code Optimization

Version 1.1.2 [Updated 2017-06-08]

  1. Code Optimization
  2. Compatible with WordPress 4.8

Version 1.1.1 [Updated 2017-04-26]

  1. Compressed: Images
  2. Updated: Image size for slider to 1920×1280

Version 1.1 [Updated 2017-02-17]

  1. Added: Option to Display all Categories in Customizer
  2. Added: “Display Content” option in Featured Content Options
  3. Bug Fixed: Metabox Header Image and Single Page/Post options not saving properly
  4. Bug Fixed: Margin issue in Featured Image of Featured Content
  5. Updated: Reset all settings compatibility
  6. Code Optimization

Version 1.0 [Updated 2016-12-07]

  1. Updated: Custom CSS to Additional CSS( Core Support ) for WP version 4.7
  2. Code Optimization

Version 0.5 [Updated 2016-10-11]

  1. Bug Fixed: Replace wp_reset_query() with wp_reset_postdata() in featured-slider.php and featured-content.php
  2. Bug Fixed: Output Sanitization
    • Replaced sanitize_key with esc_attr in social-icons.php
    • Escaped metabox field values as they are have apply_filters() on return
  3. Bug Fixed: Removed imagesLoaded and added it as dependency script as it is already bundled in code
  4. Removed: Theme support for search-form as theme has custom search form
  5. Updated: Upgrade Button in customizer with respect to trt decision

Version 0.4 [Updated 2016-10-29]

  1. Updated: All instances of changed to
  2. Removed: update_option for thumbnail image size and added new image sizes as clean-business-small

Version 0.3 [Updated 2016-07-03]

  1. Added editor style support
  2. Bug Fixed: Promotion headline link issue (Reported by John)
  3. CSS Enhancement:
    • Margin issue in ul, ol, p, pp, pre, blockquote, table
    • Font size and margin changes for heading tags
    • Padding and alignment for table th and td elements
    • Dark color scheme

Version 0.2 [Updated 2016-06-20]

  1. Initial Release in

Version 0.1

  1. Submitted to