Catch Launch Change Log

Catch Launch
Catch Launch is minimalist responsive theme compatible on an array of browsers and mobile devices. This theme is perfect if you have a website in development and you simply need to let your visitors know how to get in touch and how long until the site will launch. It comes with lot of handy options like our other themes. But the unique feature of this theme is launch counter and simple drag and drop widget to add content.

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Version 1.3 [Updated 2018-12-26]

  1. Added: comment-reply script enqueue
  2. Removed: Header Image removed old WP version compatibility codes
  3. Removed: Custom CSS code
  4. Removed: Depreciated tags blue, white, gray, light, dark, flexible-width
  5. Updated: Content Width implementation code
  6. Updated: HTML5 shiv code
  7. Updated: Prefixes in functions and files
  8. Updated: Readme file as per the new requirement

Version 1.2.1 [Updated 2018-03-06]

  1. Added: catch-launch.pot file
  2. Code Optimization
  3. Enhanced Security: Replaced wp_filter_post_kses with wp_kses_post
  4. Updated: Changelog format

Version 1.2 [Updated 2017-06-08]

  1. Bug Fixed: Reset Options in customizer updated
  2. Compatible with WordPress 4.8
  3. Removed: Custom Favicon and WebClip icon Support
  4. Updated: Custom CSS to Additional CSS( Core Support ) for WP version 4.7

Version 1.1 [Updated 2016-12-06]

  1. Added: Theme Options to Customizer
  2. Added: add_theme_support( “title-tag” )
  3. Bug Fixed: Removed all closing ?> tags where not necessary (White space issue)
  4. Enhanced google font delivery
  5. Optimized Custom CSS Style Delivery to work with customizer
  6. Removed unnecessary functions
  7. Removed shortcodes
  8. Replaced file_get_contents, curl_init and curl_exec with WP_Filesystem methods
  9. Replaced add_dashboard_page with add_theme_page()
  10. Replaced get_current_theme() deprecated since version 3.4 with wp_get_theme()
  11. Replaced add_submenu_page() with and add_menu_page() add_theme_page()
  12. Replaced add_custom_image_header() deprecated since version 3.4 with add_theme_support( ‘custom-header’, $args )
  13. Replaced add_custom_background() deprecated since version 3.4 with add_theme_support( ‘custom-background’, $args )
  14. Replaced get_bloginfo( template_url ) with get_template_directory_uri()
  15. Updated: Main stylesheed added via hook(previously added directly to header.php)
  16. Replaced ‘|’ with ‘%7c’ for accessibility in google font load