Catch Everest Change Log

Catch Everest WordPress Theme
Catch Everest is Simple, Clean and Responsive WordPress Theme which automatically adapts to the screen’s size, ensuring that your content is always displayed beautifully no matter what device visitors are using. It is based in HTML5, CSS3 and very own Catch Themes easy to use Theme Options panel which makes this theme highly customizable and flexible. Make your beautiful yet professional website in no time. For more details check out Theme Instruction.

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Catch Everest theme is translation ready.
Added Translation for Polish by Piotr
Added Translation for Chinese by zc
Added Translation for Spanish by Ruben Ramos Fernandez
Added Translation for Italian by Lorenzo Bossi
Added Translation for German(SWITZERLAND) by Marc Andri Etterlin
Added Translation for Russian by Jose Rainbow
Added Translation for Japanese – Key Saito
Added Translation for French by Rico and Sebastian Chamusard
Added Translation for Brazilian Portuguese by Valdir Trombini
Added Translation for Dutch by Alain Baudrez and Yoshi van den Akker
Added Translation for German by Stephan Erdmann
Added Translation for Catalan – Dr. Jaume Albaiges
Added Translation for Turkish – Dr. Hakan Gur
Added translation for Bosnian
Added Translation for Danish by Alexander Leo-Hansen

Change Log

Version 3.3.1 [Updated 2019-09-08]

  1. Bug Fixed: Sub menu issue on Hover

Version 3.3 [Updated 2019-09-03]

  1. Bug Fixed: Keyboard navigation accessibility issue
  2. Bug Fixed: Reset options not working issue
  3. Updated with respect to
    • Removed demo data

    • Disabled Featured Slider and Homepage Featured Content by default
    • Enabled blog posts on homepage by default
    • Homepage Featured Content, now can only be added via page for new users

Version 3.2 [Updated 2019-07-09]

  1. Added: Core Privacy Policy link support in footer
  2. Added: Support for wp_body_open action
  3. Bug Fixed: Added function_exists check for get_the_privacy_policy_link function usage
  4. Removed: Legacy Theme Options Support
  5. Updated: Upgrade to pro button css update
  6. Updated: Readme file as per the new requirement
  7. Updated: Metabox UI

Version 3.1.2 [Updated 2018-03-18]

  1. Bug Fixed: Design issue with Catch Infinite Scroll plugin
  2. Code Optimization

Version 3.1.1 (Merged 3.1) [Updated 2017-10-12]

  1. Major Update: Enhanced HTML structure

Version 3.0.4 [Updated 2017-09-15]

  1. Code optimization
  2. Bug Fixed: typo issue in German language file (Reported by Vladi)
  3. Removed: changelog.txt file and added changelog in readme.txt file
  4. Updated: Increase Number of Featured Content limit to 50

Version 3.0.3 [Updated 2017-06-07]

  1. Compatible with WordPress 4.8
  2. Internationalized date() to date_i18n()
  3. Optimization: Replaced wp_reset_query with wp_reset_postdata

Version 3.0.2 [Updated 2017-05-01]

  1. Added: Option to Display all Categories in Customizer
  2. Code Optimization
  3. Removed: Backward compatibility functions

Version 3.0.1 [Updated 2017-01-12]

  1. Bug Fixed: Background color issue in WordPress 4.7
  2. Updated: Screenshot size to 1200×900, to account for HiDPI display

Version 3.0 [Updated 2016-12-12]

  1. Replaced assistive-text to screen-reader-text
  2. Reformatted HTML structure to have only one H1

Version 2.9 [Updated 2016-12-07]

  1. Bug Fixed: Reset Options in customizer updated
  2. Updated: html5-shiv script loading
  3. Updated: Used the_archive_title() and the_archive_description() in archive.php
  4. Updated: Upgrade Button in customizer with respect to trt decision
  5. Updated: Custom CSS to Additional CSS( Core Support ) for WP version 4.7
  6. Code Optimization

Version 2.8 [Updated 2016-09-23]

  1. Bug Fixed: Removed white space issue
  2. Bug Fixed: Content Width not matching for metabox layout values
  3. Fixed: ID column display issue in mobile devices
  4. Updated: Instagram and YouTube logo
  5. Updated: All instances of changed to

Version 2.7.4 [Updated 2016-05-13]

  1. Bug Fixed: site-logo element changed from h1 to div
  2. Bug Fixed: Used consistent if statements

Version 2.7.3 [Updated 2016-05-09]

  1. Bug Fixed: Incorrect id for Featured Content in customizer
  2. Bug Fixed: Demo featured content not showing up in Customizer Live Preview; used array_filter

Version 2.7.2 [Updated 2016-05-04]

  1. Added: Helper Text and buttons in Theme Options Page
  2. Bug Fixed: Made Header image empty when it is migrated to logo
  3. Removed: max-width parameter in custom header(depreciated)
  4. Updated: Default strings made translation ready

Version 2.7.1 [Updated 2016-04-15]

  1. Added: Custom Header Support
  2. Bug Fixed: Made Custom Logo width flexible

Version 2.7 [Updated 2016-04-11]

  1. Changed: Featured Content limit changed from 20 to 24
  2. Updated: Content Width Implementation
  3. Updated: Theme Layout retrieval via function
  4. Updated: Favicon and Web Clip Migration to Site Icon( Core Support )
  5. Updated: Logo to Custom Logo( Core Support ) for WP version 4.5

Version 2.6 [Updated 2016-02-12]

  1. Added: Disable scrollup option
  2. Bug Fixed: Theme Instructions and Changelog links in customizer
  3. Compatibility fix: Customizer Reset option not working when returning any value in WordPress 4.4
  4. Updated: German language file
  5. Updated: Genericons version 3.4.1

Version 2.5.1 [Updated 2015-11-20]

  1. Bug Fixed: Customizer Dropdown type saving issue
  2. Bug Fixed: Check to Disable Latest posts changed to Check to Disable latest posts( Reported by mr-nocommentmsn-com )
  3. Bug Fixed: Excerpt More Tag sanitization issue
  4. Update: Text Domain in style.css updated to catch-everest

Version 2.5 [Updated 2015-09-09]

  1. Added all theme options to customizer
  2. Updated German language file

Version 2.4 [Updated 2015-08-26]

  1. Added Danish translation da_DK.po and files
  2. Compatible with WordPress 4.3
  3. Removed support for WordPress version less than 4.1
  4. Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation pt_BR.po and
  5. Updated codes to comply with deprecating PHP4 style constructors in WordPress 4.3
  6. Updated text-domain

Version 2.3 [Updated 2015-04-15]

  1. Added Bosnian translation bs_BA.po and
  2. Bug Fixed: Sidebar layout option (Reported by notjustblack )

Version 2.2.1 [Updated 2015-03-27]

  1. Bug Fixed: Sidebar widget issue in mobile devices
  2. Bug Fixed: Gallery page not showing images (Reported by michellebergmann )
  3. Changed screenshot
  4. Updated theme description

Version 2.2 [Updated 2015-03-06]

  1. Added Turkish translation tr_TR.po and
  2. Added responsive support for iPhone6
  3. Fixed responsive design issues

Version 2.1 [Updated 2015-02-17]

  1. Added Catalan translation ca_ES.po and

Version 2.0 [Updated 2015-02-04]

  1. Added German translation de_DE.po and de_DE

Version 1.9 [Updated 2015-01-09]

  1. Added title tag via add theme support
  2. Added changelog.txt file which list the theme change log
  3. Added More theme option button in customizer
  4. Bug Fixed: Content width when used No Sidebar,Full Width layout
  5. Bug Fixed: wp_enqueue_style conficting with plugin as it was missing prefix
  6. Changed footer text
  7. Replaced get_bloginfo() with admin_url() that links to Theme Options in post/page meta
  8. Updated media uploader to new version in theme options

Version 1.8 [Updated 2014-09-10]

  1. Added Dutch translation nl_NL.po and
  2. Added contact social links options
  3. Added Xing in social links options
  4. Fixed scroll up issue in mobile devices

Version 1.7 [Updated 2014-07-31]

  1. Added support for pagination plugin WP-PageNavi and WP Page Numbers
  2. Added Scroll Up script
  3. Added Genericons

Version 1.6 [Updated 2014-07-16]

  1. Added email in social link option
  2. Optimized Theme Options panel to speed up

Version 1.5.4 [Updated 2014-06-23]

  1. Added Brazilian Portuguese translation pt_BR.po and

Version 1.5.3 [Updated 2014-06-18]

  1. Removed rem in width, padding and margins, now only in font sizes css

Version 1.5.2 [Updated 2014-06-12]

  1. Added French translation fr_FR.po and

Version 1.5.1 [Updated 2014-06-10]

  1. Added Japanese translation ja.po and
  2. Updated Spanish translation

Version 1.5 [Updated 2014-04-30]

  1. Added Russian translation ru_RU.po and

Version 1.4.3 [Updated 2014-04-24]

  1. Added Aria Haspopup for menu in Touch Devices
  2. Removed unnecessary css

Version [Updated 2014-04-22]

  1. Fixed mobile menu link issue

Version 1.4.2 [Updated 2014-04-04]

  1. Added German(SWITZERLAND) translation de_CH.po and

Version 1.4.1 [Updated 2014-03-27]

  1. Fixed sidebar layout option in individual image of Gallery
  2. Minified admin script

Version 1.4 [Updated 2014-03-17]

  1. Replaced theme screenshot file to match with WordPress 3.8
  2. Fixed menu white-space css issues
  3. Updated theme Tag Filter in style.css
  4. Updated responsive menu script
  5. Updated slider script
  6. Updated IE script
  7. Removed Redirect to Theme Options Page on Activation as per new theme review guideline
  8. Removed depreciated functions add_custom_image_header()

Version 1.3.1 [Updated 2013-10-23]

  1. Added No Sidebar Full Width Content Layout

Version 1.3 [Updated 2013-10-15]

  1. Added Catch Everest: Advertisement widget to add google ads and custom image ads

Version 1.2.3 [Updated 2013-10-06]

  1. Fixed blog template more tag issue

Version 1.2.2 [Updated 2013-9-24]

  1. Added Soundcloud social icon
  2. Fixed Skype Link Data Validation as per

Version 1.2.1 [Updated 2013-8-29]

  1. Fixed Web Clip Icon

Version 1.2 [Updated 2013-8-20]

  1. Added Vkontakte, My World, Odnoklassniki, Goodreads and Skype Social Icons
  2. Fixed admin.js to support WordPress 3.6 jQuery UI version update

Version 1.1.5 [Updated 2013-7-16]

  1. Added Jetpack Infinite Scroll support

Version 1.1.4 [Updated 2013-7-08]

  1. Fixed translation function for search, homepage headline and homepage featured content

Version 1.1.3 [Updated 2013-7-08]

  1. Added CSS3 compatible JS for IE8
  2. Fixed homepage template to display the blog setting
  3. Fixed the slider script js_value not defined if enable slide only on homepage
  4. Fixed edit post path in Theme Options panel
  5. Removed Webmaster Tools as the new guideline of Now, use plugin for this

Version 1.1.2 [Updated 2013-6-03]

  1. Disable Web Clip Icon and Favcion by default

Version 1.1.1 [Reviewed and changed]

  1. Added Web Clip Icon image

Version 1.1 [Updated 2013-6-03]

  1. Added white-space property control in Menu to fixed the text wrap in mobile devices
  2. Fixed the conditions for Slider, Homepage Headline and Homepage Featured Content

Version 1.0 [Updated 2013-6-01]

  1. Added Italian translation it_IT.po and
  2. Fixed Responsive width issue in IE8
  3. Fixed Homepage conditions while setting static Posts Page
  4. Fixed Posts page issue to display blog

Version 0.3 [Updated 2013-5-21]

  1. Added GitHub Social Icon
  2. Added span in default slider title
  3. Replaced get_bloginfo( ‘url’ ) to esc_url( home_url( ‘/’ ) )

Version 0.2 [Updated 2013-5-07]

  1. Added page template Blog to show blog on any page
  2. Added support for WordPress SEO Plugin
  3. Added IE version specific div ID in header
  4. Fixed Responsive Menu to set default as Menu when there is no current menu such as for search, 404 and other non menu items.
  5. Fixed minor css for mobile devices font sizes and menu widgets
  6. Fixed Header image height and width issue
  7. Fixed IE7 and IE8 minor issues to make it compatible

Version [Updated 2013-5-01]

  1. Added Instagram Social Icon
  2. Fixed typo error in Theme Options => Featured Post Slider
  3. Deleted unused catchbox-menu.js and catchbox-menu.min.js

Version [Updated 2013-4-24]

  1. Fixed featured post slider option issue on homepage only

Version 0.1.5 [Updated 2013-4-11]

  1. Fixed the homepage condition by removing is_home()
  2. Added Spanish translation es_ES.po and

Version 0.1.4 [Updated 2013-4-06]

  1. Added Post ID shown in the All Posts Table in admin section
  2. Fixed Homepage featured content loop for more than 6 items
  3. Added function_exists() condition to support child theme easy editing
  4. Fixed IE8 issue of Header Image and placeholder
  5. Added active menu support for default page menu
  6. Added Chinese translation zh_CN.po and

Version [Updated 2013-4-01]

  1. Fixed Header Code which was displaying in Footer
  2. Fixed grammatical in Social Icons title
  3. Removing extra datas in theme options page
  4. Fixed header search width css
  5. Fixed font

Version 0.1.3 [Updated 2013-03-22]

  1. Added Homepage Featured Content Headline
  2. Added Polish translation pl_PL.po and

Version [Updated 2013-03-13]

  1. Fixed header css when Show header text with your image is disable in Custom Header
  2. Fixed More Tag to be kept empty as well. This fixed the problem in the server where Theme Option was not being saved.

Version [Updated 2013-03-12]

  1. Fixed Link issue in Featured Post Slider
  2. Fixed Custom Background link in Theme Options panel
  3. Improved Cache with Transient API
  4. Added Missing Translation for Footer Texts and updated POT file

Version 0.1.1 [Updated 2013-2-25]

  1. Fixed the Theme Options css to load Add Image thickbox css
  2. Updated Theme URL and readme.txt to include support forum and theme instruction

Version 0.1

  1. Submitted theme to Theme Repository
  2. First public appearance