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Catch Adaptive is a Simple, Clean and Bold Full Width Responsive WordPress Theme based on Catch Base Theme. Built on HTML5, CSS3 and Theme Customizer for real time customization, it comes with a whole set of interesting and rich features which makes this theme highly customizable and flexible. Make your beautiful yet professional website in no time. This theme is translation ready.

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Catch Adaptive WordPress theme is translation ready.
Added French Translation by Jérôme Joseph
Added Translation for Brazilian Portuguese by Valdir Trombini
Added Translation for German by Micky261

Change Log

Version 1.9.4 [Updated 2019-01-30]

  1. Bug Fixed: Updated Content delivered through the_content filter
  2. Bug Fixed: Added function_exists check for get_the_privacy_policy_link function usage
  3. Bug Fixed: JS issue in IOS devices
  4. Updated: Upgrade to pro button css update
  5. Updated: Content type label updated
  6. Updated: Metabox UI
  7. Updated: Readme file as per new requirement

Version 1.9.3 [Updated 2018-07-12]

  1. Added: Core Privacy Policy link support in footer

Version 1.9.2 [Updated 2018-03-30]

  1. Bug Fixed: Design issue with Catch Infinite Scroll plugin

Version 1.9.1 [Updated 2018-02-06]

  1. Bug Fixed: Escaping get_template_directory_uri()
  2. iOS compatibility for Featured Content background

Version 1.9 [Updated 2017-11-25]

  1. Major Update: Enhanced HTML structure
  2. Bug Fixed: Breadcrumb custom post archive link
  3. Bug Fixed: Fixed header issue with admin bar
  4. Bug Fixed: IOS issue with background blurred for featured content

Version 1.8.4 (Merged 1.8.3) [Updated 2017-06-28]

  1. Bug Fixed: Featured Content Slider layout
  2. Code Optimization
  3. Removed: changelog.txt file and added changelog in readme.txt file

Version 1.8.2 [Updated 2017-06-07]

  1. Compatible with WordPress 4.8
  2. Added: Option to display all categories in Customizer
  3. Code Optimization
  4. Removed: Backward compatibility functions

Version 1.8.1 [Updated 2016-12-11]

  1. Bug Fixed: typo issue in the_archive_title() in catchadaptive_archive_page_header() function (Reported by ptrebilco )

Version 1.8 [Updated 2016-12-07]

  1. Bug Fixed: Reset Options in customizer updated
  2. Updated: Used the_archive_title() and the_archive_description()
  3. Removed: HTML script loading from catchadaptive_head() function and added it as wp_enqueue_script() in catchadaptive_head() function
  4. Updated: fitvids handle to ‘jquery-fitvids’, sidr handle to ‘jquery-sidr’
  5. Updated: Upgrade Button in customizer with respect to trt decision
  6. Updated: Custom CSS to Additional CSS( Core Support ) for WP version 4.7
  7. Code Optimization

Version 1.7.1 [Updated 2016-08-25]

  1. Bug Fixed: Upgrade to pro button link

Version 1.7 [Updated 2016-08-22]

  1. Bug Fixed: white space issue
  2. Bug Fixed: `sprintf() too few arguments` issue on other languages
  3. Updated: Content Width Implementation Code
  4. Updated: Tags in style.css header
  5. Updated: All instances of converted to https

Version 1.6 [Updated 2016-04-08]

  1. Bug Fixed: Slider image handle issue replaced catchadaptive_slider with catchadaptive-slider (Reported by mupa)
  2. Removed: Extra code for function (image_slider, post_slider, category_slider)
  3. Updated: Content Width Implementation
  4. Updated: Theme Layout retrieval via function
  5. Updated: Favicon and Web Clip Migration to Site Icon( Core Support )
  6. Updated: Logo to Custom Logo( Core Support ) for WP version 4.5

Version 1.5 [Updated 2016-03-07]

  1. Added: Disable scrollup option
  2. Added: Social Icons for Phone, Handset, Cart, Cloud, Link( Custom Link )
  3. Bug Fixed: Featured Slider Transition Effect Not Updating
  4. Bug Fixed: Genericions issue with To Top plugin
  5. Enhanced: Used antispambot() function on emails output on social icons
  6. Updated: Genericons to 3.4.1
  7. Updated: Jetpack Scroll Pagination Option to enable infinite scroll in Reading Settings
  8. Updated: Text Domain in style.css updated to catch-adaptive
  9. Updated: Sidr menu script to version
  10. Updated: Meta viewport for better responsive support

Version 1.4 [Updated 2015-10-23]

  1. Added German translation de_DE.po and
  2. Updated responsive menu js (jquery.sidr.js)

Version 1.3 [Updated 2015-10-06]

  1. Added Brazilian Portuguese translation pt_BR.po and
  2. Bug Fixed: broken link for upgrade to pro button ( Reported by Brenda Evans )

Version 1.2.3 [Updated 2015-10-06]

  1. Bug Fixed: Breadcrumb css issue in IE 11
  2. Removed panel for featured slider for WordPress version greater than 4.2
  3. Updated Customizer active callback scripts (previously handled by jQuery)

Version 1.2 [Updated 2015-09-19]

  1. Added French translation fr_FR.po and

Version 1.1 [Updated 2015-08-23]

  1. Bug Fixed: Changed esc_attr_e to echo esc_attr in searchform.php
  2. Bug Fixed: Header image issue in Mobile devices ( Reported by flypig )
  3. Compatible with WordPress 4.3
  4. Removed support for WordPress version less than 4.1
  5. Updated codes to comply with deprecating PHP4 style constructors in WordPress 4.3
  6. Updated text-domain

Version 1.0 [Updated 2015-08-13]

  1. Added: Missing keywords esc_attr_x:1,2c in .pot file
  2. Updated: Theme Description and corrected link in readme.txt
  3. Bug Fixed: Page header overlapping ( Reported by Jeff )
  4. Bug Fixed: Replaced color for customizer
    1. Light: Background color from #000000 to #ffffff
    2. Dark: Background color from #000000 to #202020
    3. Dark: Header Text color from #dddddd to #bebebe

Version 0.2 [Updated 2015-06-30]

  1. Official release at
  2. Bug Fixed: Color Scheme
  3. Bug Fixed: Slider control font size
  4. Bug Fixed: Page slider show excerpt option not working
  5. Bug Fixed: Infinite Scroll issue with masonry

Version 0.1 [Updated 2015-06-09]

  1. Submitted to

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