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About Us

Catch Themes focuses on creating simple, minimalistic, content-rich designs that are absolutely elegant. The company is increasingly focused on helping a diverse range of users – students, professionals, businesses, personal bloggers and photographers – showcase themselves on the web. So if you are looking for the best in WordPress themes, you have come to the right place. Your search ends with Catch Themes.

Catch Themes comprises of a team of young enthusiastic WordPress lovers who have put their heads together to produce remarkable WordPress Themes. We work with a simple belief that our users should be able to access the best possible WordPress Themes to create their web pages. Since day one, we have been providing users with easy to use themes that perfect the base for an excellent WordPress website.


Catch Themes, took shape as a separate new venture of the established company Catch Internet from 2012. Sakin Shrestha, the founder of Catch Themes primarily initiated this project with the company’s two experimental introductory themes in June 2012 – Simple Catch & Catch Box.

Following the high demands of these two free themes that consistently bagged the top 10 most popular positions in WordPress repository, we at Catch Themes have now decided to continually offer an array of Free and Premium WordPress themes to our users through a professional platform.

Theme Releases:

  1. Simple Catch Theme: 4th June, 2012
  2. Catch Box Theme: 26th June, 2012
  3. Catch Launch Theme: 21st September, 2012
  4. Simple Catch Pro Theme: 9th October, 2012
  5. Catch Mustang Theme: 28th November, 2012
  6. Catch Box Pro Theme: 25th December, 2012
  7. Catch Everest Theme: 25th February, 2013
  8. Catch Everest Pro Theme: 27th March, 2013
  9. Catch Evolution Pro Theme: 21st September, 2013
  10. Catch Evolution Theme: 23rd September, 2013
  11. Catch Kathmandu Pro Theme: 4th February, 2014
  12. Catch Kathmandu Theme: 17th February, 2014
  13. Adventurous Theme: 26th May, 2014
  14. Adventurous Pro Theme: 5th June, 2014
  15. Catch Flames Pro Theme: 21st September, 2014
  16. Catch Flames Theme: 21st September, 2014
  17. Catch Base Theme: 7th December, 2014
  18. Catch Base Pro Theme: 15th December, 2014
  19. Create Pro Theme: 28th December, 2014
  20. Create Theme: 28th December, 2014
  21. Gridalicious Pro Theme: 26th January, 2015
  22. Gridalicious Theme: 26th January, 2015
  23. Full Frame Pro Theme: 19th February, 2015
  24. Full Frame Theme: 19th February, 2015
  25. Catch Responsive Theme: 21st September, 2012 ( Redesign 16th March, 2015 )
  26. Catch Responsive Pro Theme: 16th March, 2015
  27. Chicago Theme: 24th April, 2015
  28. Chicago Pro Theme: 26th May, 2015
  29. Studio Theme: 30th June, 2015
  30. Catch Adaptive Theme: 30th June, 2015
  31. Catch Adaptive Pro Theme: 10th July, 2015
  32. E-Commerce Theme: 2nd August, 2015
  33. Studio Pro Theme: 31st August, 2015
  34. E-Commerce Pro Theme: 8th September, 2015
  35. Clean Journal Pro Theme: 21st September, 2015

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